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After 15 wonderful years creating extraordinary experiences in Maple Lawn, we are thrilled to announce that THE pearl will be relocating this summer.


With a focus on whole-self healing, our therapeutic offerings will expand beyond the spa treatments we offer now, in a serene and comforting environment.

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frequent questions

THE pearl modern spa is moving!

THE basics

When will the move take place?

Our intention is to create a smooth transition for our members, guests, and pearl family. We are hopeful that the timeline will appear as follows; however, please note that a change of this magnitude may incur delays. So please check back often and watch for announcements via social media! Phase 1 - open for movement classes - June 8th
Phase 2 - open for spa services - July 19th
Phase 3 - open healing waters environment -Fall 2021
Phase 4 - open wellness cafe - Fall 2021

Why did THE pearl decide to move?

Great question!

While there are many factors that helped us make this monumental decision, the biggest reason we are taking the leap is YOU. We have had a desire to expand our offerings for many years, but had outgrown our beautiful spa several years ago, which made this a difficult feat.

After the lessons that 2020 provided to us all, we knew that it was our responsibility to find a way to offer a whole self-healing environment to our members, clients and community. While our current treatments and services are certainly an important part of self-care, we desired to be able to BE THAT SPACE - the place you can partner with on your wellness journey. As a small business we had no idea how we would do it, but we had faith that it would happen and we would find a way.

When we were made aware of this beautiful space becoming available, we knew without a doubt that this would BE THAT SPACE. We have been so fortunate that the CA has been very accommodating to our needs as a small business. Both the Columbia Association and THE pearl have a mission to keep our community healthy, vibrant and connected, and it is within these values that our transition officially began.

Where will your new location be?

Our gorgeous new location is just minutes away from our current space, in the heart of downtown Columbia. Located directly underneath Whole Foods in the old James Rouse building, our beautiful studios and healing waters look out over Lake Kittamaqundi. We have two entrances with ample parking: Our south entrance is adjacent to the new Millie Bailey Park, and our north entrance is off the lower parking lot behind Whole Foods. In addition, elevator access from the street level is provided by entering the building to the left of Whole Foods' front door. Our official address is 10275 Little Patuxent Pkwy, Suite 102 Columbia, MD 21044, and can easily be found via your GPS.

Has THE pearl been sold? Formed a partnership?

THE pearl is still the same family owned business that it has always been. There are no new business partnerships formed; however, we do love to partner with area businesses!

Do you have to live in Columbia or be a member to visit THE pearl?

There will be no requirements based on residency or membership status to enjoy a service, treatment, or class at THE pearl. Our clients live throughout central Maryland and beyond, and we hope that our new space is just as convenient for you as our original space was.

Will THE pearl offer child care services?

We will not offer child care services at this time.

Are there any age restrictions for spa services, movement classes and in the healing waters?

Those ages 16 and older will be allowed to attend our mind-body group classes and enjoy spa services with written consent from their parents or guardians. Some spa services may be available for children younger than 16 and will be assessed on a per request basis with supervision required. In addition, we may offer classes specific to children younger than 16 from time to time. Our healing waters environment is currently only offered to adults ages 18 and up.

What will your hours be?

Our tentative hours are as follows: Movement classes will be seven days a week, beginning as early as 6:30 am THE pearl will offer spa services on Monday from 12 pm -7 pm and Tuesday - Saturday from 10 am to 8 pm. We anticipate opening on Sundays shortly. The tentative schedule for the healing waters environment (once open) will be Sunday from 8 am to 2 pm, and Monday - Saturday from 8 am to 7 pm. The tentative schedule for the wellness cafe (once open) will be Sunday from 7 am to 1 pm, and Monday - Saturday from 7 am to 6 pm.

Will THE pearl honor previous gift card purchased from the maple lawn location?

Yes! Recipients can use previously purchased gift cards in our new location for spa services, movement classes, healing water sessions, and boutique purchases. However, a few changes will be occurring due to the transition of a new software system. Beginning July 12th, all gift cards will have a five-year expiration date. Cards purchased between 2006 - 2016 may be used for the remainder of the year, providing they are presented at the time of checkout. In addition, there will no longer be an option to assign gift cards to specific clients. Therefore, should a card be misplaced, we will not have the ability to find any information in our system. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

THE spa

What new and exciting things will be offered?

THE pearl is excited to announce a variety of additional services, treatments, and therapies. In addition to the spa treatments you know and love, our members, clients, and guests will be able to enjoy:

  • a variety of movement classes such as yoga, barre, cardio, and many more!
  • a therapeutic healing waters environment that includes a warm water relaxation pool, a therapeutic hot tub, cold plunge immersion, a tropical rain shower, a European sauna experience and a crystal salt room.
  • a wellness cafe that will provide made-to-order coffee, tea, and smoothies, as well as a delicious selection of grab-and-go beverages and light fare.
  • THE well, a holistic program that provides our clients with the opportunity to extend their wellness journey with therapies and services offered by our hand-selected in-wellness partners. Acupuncture, life coaching, nutrition services, and counseling are examples of what will be found at THE well.

Will you offer all of the same services?

Yes! Our goal is to offer all of your favorite pearl treatments and services at our new location and add some exciting new therapies as well! Upon opening, our treatment menu will remain the same, with the exception of THE blue grotto and our Vichy shower experiences, which will be coming soon. We know that many have been anticipating the reopening date of THE blue grotto, and we hope that by the time it is safe to resume, our new and improved grotto will be ready for use.

Will you still have a lounge? A locker room?

Yes and Yes! One of the most exciting features of our new location is the much-needed additional space within the locker rooms. As a result, we will now have plenty of room to resume our robe service for all spa treatments safely. In addition, we are pleased to be able to offer two separate lounge areas, THE wellness lounge and THE quiet lounge. THE wellness lounge will have a relaxing yet social vibe that is perfect for private enjoyment or in a group. With intimate seating and a light + airy feel, this co-ed space was designed to be a transition before and after your spa services. All spa clients will enjoy a few moments in the wellness lounge prior to their treatments. THE quiet lounge is specifically designed for those who require a more meditative space during the spa experience. Silence is golden in THE quiet lounge, and we request that those who enter this sacred space refrain from using electronics, conversations, eating, or drinking. THE quiet lounge is reserved for spa clients to enjoy between and after thier spa treatments.

Will you still offer Tea? Champagne? Brownies?

Our signature infused waters will continue to be enjoyed by our members, guests, and clients before and after receiving any spa treatment. Enjoy seasonal infused waters as well as our signature flavors. In addition, THE pearl will offer our tea service with selected spa therapies and treatments and available for purchase within the cafe. We will begin offering brownies to enjoy within the spa shortly. We know the importance of enjoying the sweeter things in life and are looking forward to sharing them with you! At this time, we will be unable to continue to offer complimentary champagne. It is a restriction of the building and a potential safety hazard with the healing waters and self-serve sauna and steam rooms. We understand this may disappoint some of our clients and guests, and we will do our best to ensure that your visit will be just as extraordinary as it has always been

Will you offer THE blue grotto?

THE blue grotto is our signature treatment and has become a therapeutic favorite for many. We have every intention of building a new blue grotto; however, the build out will begin several weeks after our move. We are hopeful to have our blue grotto up and running soon.

Will you still have a spa boutique?

Absolutely! We believe that our spa boutique is a necessary part of your home care, and we couldn't imagine not being able to provide you with the best care for all of your wellness needs. In addition, our online store will continue to stay open.

Will you have a couples' suite?

Yes! We know how important it is to enjoy therapeutic treatments with your partner, and we are in the process of ensuring that our couples' suites will be ready to go once it is safe to provide them again.

THE classes

What movement classes will be offered at THE pearl?

We are excited to announce that we will be featuring several different types of movement therapies for our clients, guests, and members. Enjoy a variety of weekly fun and unique Yoga, Barre, Cardio, Mat Pilates, Aerial Yoga, Conditioning + Meditation, and TRX, as well as special workshops and feature classes throughout the month. Please see our upcoming schedule for more information!

Do you have any cardio or strength equipment?

We are excited to announce that we will have a small, boutique-like equipment room. The equipment is for the enjoyment of our monthly members and may be reserved online in 30-minute increments. Please be on the lookout for more details, coming soon!

Do you have Pilates?

At this time, we do not offer Pilates reformer classes; however, we do feature several mat Pilates classes throughout the week. Mat Pilates is an way to develop a strong, balanced body, while increasing flexibility. All fitness levels are welcome!

Do you offer private classes?

YES! THE pearl is excited to offer private yoga, barre, and aqua classes for your group. Classes are offered during available studio time and must be reserved in advance. Pricing starts at $250 for ten people and can accommodate more guests. Please contact us for more information.

Do you offer class packs?

YES! THE pearl movement classes are open to everyone! Our fees are as follows: Drop-In: $21.00 Pack of 10 Classes: $175.00 ($17.50 per class) Pack of 25 Classes $375.00 ($15.00 per class)
Membership opportunities are also available!


What will happen to my current pearl life membership?

If you have a current pearl life membership, you will continue to receive the same extraordinary savings and more! Our $150 pearl life membership will now be called "THE free spirit membership." For a yearly enrollment fee, you will receive 12 months of treatment, class, wellness, product, and cafe savings, along with many other benefits and savings. Your membership will be set to expire on the 12-month anniversary date of purchase. Renewal is always an easy option!

Will you still offer a pearl life elite membership?

While we love our elite membership (AND elite members!), we have learned valuable lessons from the past year; therefore, the membership will not continue in its original form. We will, however, be launching a new spa membership that will be offered as a monthly fee and will provide you with several options to choose from when redeeming your monthly service. The launch will occur after our spa expansion is complete. This is to ensure that there is ample appointment availablity for our spa members. Stay tuned for more details!

What about the grottos that were  not able to be redeemed during my 2020 membership?

We would like to express our gratitude for your patience during this time of restrictions. The good news is that our grotto will be up and running very soon, and you will be able to redeem any blue grotto service that you were owed during the past 14 months.

For those of you who are not quite ready to grotto, we have several trade in options available. Please contact us for more information!