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Life Through Acu

"Acupuncture is an energetic medicine that allows us to live into the fullest expression of who we are. Through the use of needles as thin as a hair, the meridians in our bodies are touched and opened up so that qi can flow freely. 
Oftentimes people ask, "can acupuncture help with ___?" The answer is, yes. From insomnia and anxiety to even a lack of vision in life, acupuncture is reminding the body of what it feels like to be healthy. With that rebalancing and rediscovery, pathologies are able to be released and healing can begin. 
The body is wise and knows exactly what it needs. There is no magic serum in the needles that creates change--the body does all the work. It is a privilege and a forever learning journey to be able to facilitate this kind of movement, and I invite you to take the next step with us towards your most well self."

Hannah Jefferson, Licensed Acupuncturist

Acupuncture Has Been Known To Help With 

Abdominal Pain | Acne | Arthritis | Addiction | ADHD | Anxiety​​ | Bronchial Asthma | Cancer Pain​ | Depression | Diabetes​ | Earache​ | Facial Pain and Spasm | Female infertility​ | Fibromyalgia​ | Headache​  Hypertension/Hypotension​​ | Insomnia​​ | Low Back Pain ​| Meniere’s Disease | Morning Sickness | Nausea | Neck Pain​ | Osteoarthritis​​ | Postoperative Pain​ | Raynaud Syndrome | Rheumatoid Arthritis​ | Sciatica​ | Sore Throat | Spine Pain | Stiff Neck | Strecth Marks | Stroke​ | TMJ | Tourette Syndrome | Ulcerative Colitis​ | Vascular Dementia

keshi acu

a taste of healing, balancing acupuncture

A mini acu session designed to quickly and simply bring you back to center. Our keshi acu treatment includes a basic consultation, along with attention to the hands and feet to address specific concerns. 

30 minutes, $70

consult + treat

begin your acu-journey here!

This initial, full body treatment is the perfect introduction to acupuncture. Learn the ins and outs of basic acupuncture principles while developing a customized treatment plan. 

90 minutes, $150

custom pearl acupuncture

customized, routine sessions

Designed to be integrated into a regular, on-going regimen to ease you into a life of improved health and well being. 

Studies show a 50% reduction in mild to moderate depression after 12 treatments, 80% of migraine patients' symptoms disappear within 6 months of treatments, two acupuncture sessions a week for 6 weeks reduce allergy symptoms by 30%.  

60 minutes, $90

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we guarantee a personalized and customized treatment

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