seasonal spotlight | detoxify

october 1st - december 21st

Our detoxify  treatment series has been carefully cultivated to gently but deeply cleanse + detoxify the body, mind and spirit. Using  ancient remedies and nature's most healing  ingredients, each treatment will assist you in restoring vitality  and energy to the skin and the soul, while strengthening the immune system, clearing stagnant chi and ridding the body of toxins. Our most popular seasonal therapies!

a fusion of flower essences, vital elements + ancient ingredients

our seasonal flower essence blend enhances  radiance, protection + vitality while dissolving fatigue,  tension + imbalance 

THE wellness massage

60 minutes | $155

75 minutes | $180

relieve aches + pains

rebuild immune system

regulate biorhythms 

revitalize + protect

THE pumpkin blossom     pedicure

THE correcting detox facial

60 minutes | $140

60 minutes | $85

deeply cleanse

even skin tone

balance + repair

soften + refine

hydrate + soften

re-energize + revitalize

boost immune system

relax + let go

THE alchemist hydrotherapy treatment

30 minutes | $65

destress + detoxify

replenish vital elements

soften, soothe+ hydrate

balance chi



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