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your body is a temple

Exclusive let our professional therapists help you to reduce pain, minimize stress, improve circulation, decrease inflammation, enhance focus and more. Each session will help restore, repair and bring balance back to the body, mind and soul.

seasonal spotlight: THE wellness massage | 60 minutes, $155, 75 minutes, $180

A pearl favorite, THE wellness massage incorporates a purifying blend of palo santo and douglas fir essential oils, an amazing remedy for inflammation, pain, stress, and bad mojo. This sweet yet spicy fusion aids in calming the nervous system and promotes a peaceful mind, while antioxidants aid in boosting the immune system and strengthening the respiratory system. Mineral Wellness Soak is rich in magnesium, promoting healthy energy levels, sleep, circulation, muscle function, and over well-being.  A moist heat compress accelerates detoxing and boosts pain relief.



icelandic fusion | 90 minutes $240

Our signature relaxation experience complete with stretching, acupressure, hot + cool stones, scalp massage + aromatherapy

hawaiian rapture ​| 75 minutes $185, 90 minutes $225

Nurture your chakras + relieve achy muscles with this tension melting, full body, hot stone massage

​bali blu | 60 minutes $150​

A combination of rhythmic movement + acupressure to help restore the flow of energy throughout the body

THE oyster | 45 minutes $115, 60 minutes $145, 75 minutes $170

Expecting mothers will find true bliss with this specialized prenatal massage designed to provide much needed comfort + relief

please note that for your safety as well as the safety of your most precious pearl, you must be in your second trimester to receive THE oyster or any massage therapy service at THE pearl. 


​​footsoul | 30 minutes $80, 45 minutes $110

An indulgent foot therapy created to reduce tension + increase circulation through pressure point massage + sea salt exfoliation


custom pearl | ​45 minutes $110, 60 minutes $140, 75 minutes $165, 90 minutes $200 ​(includes true colors experience)

A deeply therapeutic full body massage combining  the effective practices of Swedish + deep tissue

​keshi relief | 30 minutes $80​​

This targeted mini massage addresses specific trouble spots to provide relief for those short on time

*all service prices are subject to change without notice

massage gems

add to any massage for an even more personalized experience

cannabliss ● utilizing the powerful precise pain relief of CBD oil, soothing organic lavender oil and magnesium, this massage addition will provide lasting relief from inflammation, pain, sleeplessness and daily stresses  ​$35

​true color​s ● personalized aromatherapy rich in floral and herbal extracts  ​$20

​keshi rapture ●  hot stones added to your choice of back, legs and feet, face, neck and shoulders, or chest and arms $20​

back scrub ● gently exfoliates dry skin $20

scalp experience ● personalized scalp massage with essential oils. (additional 15 minutes) $40

dry brush  ● assists with exfoliation and detoxifying the body. (additional 15 minutes) $40

keshi soul 15 minute foot soul experience $40