cultivate soaking salts

cultivate soaking salts


Soak away your aches and stress, relax muscles and experience a sense of well-being. Cultivate provides simple and natural solutions to holistically re-balance the body mind and soul. A pearl exclusive.



Roses have a deep connection with the heart and naturally magnify feelings of love for ourselves and  others. Studies have shown that rose essential oil does more than just indulge the senses, soaking in a rose infused bath can reduce inflammation, regulate hormones, aide in skin cell turnover and ease anxiety and depression symptoms. 



Jasmine has been used for centuries as a remedy to help heal the body, mind +soul.  The delicate scent of jasmine is known to immediately boost mood releive symptoms of depression and the blues. Soaking in a  jasmine infused bath can also help reduce muscle spasms, regulate cycles, soften the skin and induce sleep. 



Lavender is considered a must have essential oil for good reason. Numerous studies confirm that lavender essential oil relaxes the mind and body, reduces sleep disturbances,headaches, pain and inflammation, fights viruses and stimulates the immune system.