THE pearl 2020 survival kit


Need some support for your emotional and mental wellbeing? We've got you covered with these pearlfect favorite remedies for body, mind and spirit.


Valued at over $190!


Add a 6 pack of our famous brownies for just $15!

bundle options

    Each 2020 survival kit contains:

    1 Tea Forte loose Herbal Tea Assortment

    1 Lord Jones CBD Natural Fruit Gumdrops

    1 Beautiful Thoughts, 60 postcards for Keeping + Sharing

    1 Stress Comfort Formula essential oil patch

    1 Kerstin Florian Mineral Wellness Soak sachet

    1 Hemp Infused Be Calm transdermal patch

    1 Lotus Wei Joy Juice Anointing Oil and Infinite Love travel mist

    1 Waxing Kara Honey Lollipop and Peace of Mind skin-safe candle

    Raw chunks of Rose Quartz

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