zents organic bath truffle

zents organic bath truffle


Give your body a treat with these deliciously softening, muscle melting ZENTS Bath Truffles.


Dissolve Truffle in a warm tub or foot bath and enjoy an arnica Epsom and pink Himalayan salt-infused soak to soothe sore, tired muscles.


Rich shea butter in our ZENTS bath Truffle leaves skin feeling like satin, with a supple, smooth, youthful glow


EARTH  Inspired by the life affirming, grounding strength of the mountains, The EARTH Collection is a clean and calming blend. A top note of bergamot, heart notes of fir needle and bay, and a base note of sandalwood conveys a powerful sense of peace and expresses the restorative power of nature.

FRESH   Like a breath of fresh air, the FRESH collection is inspired by a cool breeze on a warm day.  Top notes of crisp linden blossom and warm lemon, with delicately balanced heart notes of cool cucumber and heliotrope, and a base note of ambrette creates this light, pure scent and conveys a timeless innocence and grace. 

ORE   The night is young and the mood is electric with The ORE Collection, a provocative blend of intoxicating orris and sensual ylang ylang. Notes of bay laurel, black pepper and clove give this best-selling aroma a spicy kick.

SUN   During the Golden Hour, a warmth envelopes the skin and all stress melts away. You are home. This is the inspiration for The SUN Collection, a warm and buttery blend of vanilla, sandalwood and amber, laced with top notes of blood orange and grapefruit that linger long after the sunset.

WATER  As crisp and cool as the Mediterranean Sea, The WATER Collection is an invigorating aroma featuring deep base notes of blue chamomile and coriander. Splashes of lemon, mint and anise give this aroma its sparkle.

UNZENTED The UNZENTED collection offers the purest luxury, vegan and cruelty-free skincare formulas—beautifully scent-free. Nourish the face and body with this ultra-gentle, spa grade line of shea butter-infused body care. The ultimate beauty tool for glowing skin, UNZENTED is coveted by skin care purists, those with skin sensitivities, and those seeking pregnancy-safe skin care. Discover your new must-haves for soothing sensitive, dry, cracked, and aging skin.



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