rituals and remedies

Ancient Rituals Hold Secrets

Enjoy soft, glowing skin
with our collection of body
rituals and remedies

Holistic therapies collected from across the globe, to relax the mind, soothe the soul and revive
the body all at once

All of our holistic therapies include a generous amount

of soothing massage and a
unique multi-dimensional 
treatment experience

deep blue sea
60 minutes $165

dry treatment; soothing, relieving, rejuvenating


This rejuvenating and detoxifying wrap recalls the rhythm of the sea, carrying away layers of stress and fatigue from the head down to the toes with the power of magnesium. Enjoy a full body exfoliation followed by a magnesium infused gel mask to entire body.  While wrapped feel the tension melt away from the neck and shoulders before being replenished by a magnesium infused hydrating lotion.

fiji​ retreat
60 minutes $165

dry treatment; hydrating, firming, restoring


Nourish and replenish dry, flaky skin with this comforting treatment, straight from the islands of Fiji. A sacred blend of exotic nut extracts, coconut milk, passionflower and tropical oils fuse together to hydrate, firm and soothe the body and mind at once. Fiji retreat includes a stimulating dry brush exfoliation, an exotic linen wrap and a revitalizing hot oil scalp experience.

​moroccan hammam

120 minutes $285

wet treatment; detoxifying, purifying, warming

A Moroccan cleansing tradition that detoxifies and draws deep impurities from the body. Utilizing a delectable mixture of elements – mint tea, lemon coffee, jasmine rose, orange quince, amber, tangerine fig and neroli cypress with Vichy Shower therapy, this treatment gently and effectively detoxifies the body. Moroccan hammam includes a vichy treatment, a purifying tub therapy and a warming massage.

THE opulent pearl
90 minutes $240

dry treatment; luxurious, exfoliating, hydrating

Quench your body from head to toe with this decadent body treatment.  This luxurious 90 minute treatment starts with a gentle sugar and salt exfoliation, followed by a hydrating organic shea butter mask in your choice of aroma.  Enjoy a hot oil scalp treatment while cocooned and finish with a rejuvenating full body massage.

arctic solstice
75 minutes $195

wet treatment; grounding, therapeutic, repairing

Embrace the spirit of a Finnish plunge ritual with this unique organic experience. Combining arctic berries, cloudberries and other powerful anti-oxidants with a steamy Vichy experience and a revitalizing massage, this complete treatment will relieve muscular pain and tension, protect the skin from harmful environmental factors and leave you completely rejuvenated.

japan traditions​
90 minutes $230

wet treatment; softening, renewing, hydrating

This moisturizing treatment inspired by Japanese bath house traditions utilizes the Vichy shower, providing a double massage effect. A delicious blend of wild cherry, ginger, zesty lime, plum blossom and hinoki mint nourish, soften and renew your skin and your senses. A bamboo fusion massage leaves you feeling relaxed and renewed.

*all service prices are subject to change without notice

absolute bathe
20 minutes $50

warming, healing, curative

A therapeutic hydrotherapy experience that assists with​ a variety of ailments. Reduce stress, increase circulation,​ ease sore muscles and enjoy relief from chronic​ pain while enjoying this warming, sensory escape. THE​​ absolute bathe experience is customized based on your​ specific skin concerns or overall ailments. Limited availability for single treatments Monday - Thursday, everyday for couples. 

absolute back

45 minutes $110

suitable for all skin types

A treatment developed exclusively for the back and shoulders.  Experience a deep cleansing, exfoliation, specialty masque, light massage and conditioning of the skin.  Choose from hydrating, purifying or lightening and brightening.

absolute balance
60 minutes $165

75 minutes $185

balancing, nourishing, releasing

Relax the body and nourish the soul with this holistic, organic experience. Enjoy a full-body massage with a palette of six luscious organic oils infused to deeply hydrate, nourish your skin and lift your mood. Then, while wrapped in soft sheets, receive a hand, foot, and décolleté massage infused with exotic flower remedies from around the world to enhance love, happiness, inspiration, peace, and vitality.

absolute smooth​
30 minutes $95​

suitable for all skin types; exfoliating, hydrating

THE pearlfect treatment for those short on time or prior to​ any pearl therapy to increase the effectiveness of product​ absorption. Enjoy a warm vichy rain shower and full body​ exfoliation

*all service prices are subject to change without notice

wet treatment = performed under a Vichy shower
dry treatment = performed in a traditional treatment room
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