holistic body therapies

Enjoy soft, glowing skin with our collection of body rituals and remedies. Traditional therapies collected from across the globe, to relax the mind, soothe the soul and revive the body all at once. All of our holistic treatments include a generous amount of soothing massage and a unique multi-dimensional treatment experience

To ensure the highest level of safety and sanitation, the following rituals are unavailable until further notice:

absolute bathe

absolute smooth

moroccon hamman

japan traditions

We apologize for any inconvenience. 

deep blue sea
60 minutes $165

dry treatment; soothing, relieving, rejuvenating

improve sleep, reduce pain + improve overall wellness with this exfoliating + detoxifying magnesium wrap

THE opulent pearl
90 minutes $240

dry treatment; luxurious, exfoliating, hydrating

exfoliate + hydrate your way to bliss with this decadent wrap, complete with a hot oil scalp treatment + a generous application of organic shea butter in your choice of aroma

​moroccan hammam

120 minutes $285

wet treatment; detoxifying, purifying, warming

gently + effectively detoxify the body with this cleansing tradition utilizing vichy therapy, a purifying bathing treatment + a warming massage

japan traditions​
90 minutes $230

wet treatment; softening, renewing, hydrating

soften your skin, renew the senses + improve circulation with this decadent experience complete with a delicious vichy rain shower + invigorating bamboo massage

absolute back

45 minutes $110

suitable for all skin types

give your back the same level of care as your face with this deeply cleansing, exfoliating + hydrating treatment designed to  leave your skin smooth + clear

absolute smooth​
30 minutes $95​

suitable for all skin types; exfoliating, hydrating

THE pearlfect treatment for those short on time or prior to​ any pearl therapy to increase the effectiveness of product​ absorption. Enjoy a warm vichy rain shower and full body​ exfoliation

absolute bathe
20 minutes $50

warming, healing, curative

a healing + curative hydrotherapy experience designed to leave you in a state of bliss. pair with a massage to boost effectiveness

absolute balance
60 minutes $165

nourishing, re-vitalizing, chakra clearing

Enjoy a full-body application of a palette of six luscious organic oils infused to deeply hydrate, nourish your skin and lift your mood. Then, while wrapped in soft sheets, receive a hand, foot, and décolleté massage infused with exotic flower remedies from around the world to enhance love, happiness, inspiration, peace, and vitality.

fiji​ retreat
60 minutes $165

dry treatment; hydrating, firming, restoring

a sacred blend of exotic extracts, a stimulating dry brush exfoliation, an exotic linen wrap and a revitalizing hot oil scalp experience

*all service prices are subject to change without notice

wet treatment = performed under a Vichy shower
dry treatment = performed in a traditional treatment room