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tropical vibes at THE pearl

seasonal spotlight | bliss

june 1st - august 31st

Our favorite summer treatment series is back and better than ever! Brimming with nature's finest ingredients, each therapy will help cultivate softness, joy, and magic.

A delicious mixture of tropical fruits, nuts, and plant oils helps to nourish, soften soothe and protect. Hand-harvested and wildcrafted, each exotic ingredient has been selected with love and kindness for both you and the world.

a botanical essence enhanced treatment series

Our seasonal flower essence blend enhances pure bliss and confidence while allowing your inner child to come play

Portrait of happy beautiful woman holds green tropical leaf. Young girl enjoys cream facia
island bliss 1.png

THE island bliss massage

60 minutes | $185

 75 minutes | $205

relax the body

hydrate the skin

let the island vibes in

THE luminous pearl facial

60 minutes | $180

rejuvenate + refresh

nourish devitalized skin

enjoy luminous skin

THE paradise pearl

manicure | $45

pedicure | $75

hydrate + soften
exfoliate + renew
engage the senses

blissful joy

seasonal flower essence blend

Return to a state of bliss and find the magic in everyday life with joy juice by lotus wei. All seasonal treatments come with a joy infused beverage.


Embrace joyful humility, recognize your unique talents + get clear of your life's purpose.

Awaken cheerfulness; experience ease in doing things

Allow your inner child to play; feel free + supported.

Feel at ease, confident + worry-free

Expect the best possible outcome

Magnify true joy, cheerfulness, and motivation

Experience the sacredness in everyday life

Awaken inner wisdom

Clear toxic energies from your energetic field

Promote vitality and radiance inside and out



from seed to skin

featured seasonal offering

From the tropical isles of Fiji, an ancient blend of powerful plant actives and exotic seed oils meet the latest dermatological revelations to produce phenomenal targeted skincare solutions.


Pure Fiji’s secret is a balanced blend of cold-pressed, exotic drift seed oils, including virgin Coconut oil, Dilo oil, Sikeci oil, Macadamia seed oil, and the recently added Moringa oil. 

All Pure Fiji products are made with fresh ingredients and minimal processing. Slow-grown and allowed to ripen naturally, most ingredients are wild-harvested from their natural habitat. Nuts/seeds are collected by hand.
Oils are cold pressed at source leaving all the amazing nutrients and benefits in the product.


pure fiji.jpg
island bliss 1.png

THE island bliss massage

60 minutes | 75 minutes

Experience ultimate rejuvenation with THE island bliss massage, combining the antioxidant-rich benefits of dragon fruit with expert Swedish and deep tissue techniques. This luxurious treatment nourishes and hydrates your skin, promoting a youthful glow and alleviating muscle tension, while incorporating body gua sha to enhance circulation and detoxification. The exotic aroma of dragon fruit enhances relaxation, reducing anxiety and uplifting your spirit. Includes a coconut back scrub, leaving skin soft and radiant. Indulge in this unique massage to feel revitalized, refreshed, and radiant.

Portrait of happy beautiful woman holds green tropical leaf. Young girl enjoys cream facia

THE luminous pearl facial

60 minutes 

Revitalize your skin with THE luminous pearl facial, meticulously crafted to deeply moisturize, rejuvenate, and repair the skin barrier. This specialized treatment begins with a hydrating mask that deeply penetrates the skin, replenishing essential nutrients and fortifying its protective barrier. The ancient technique of gua sha reduces puffiness, relieves tension, and sculpts facial contours while facilitating the delivery of reparative ingredients and promoting cellular renewal. As the gua sha tool glides over the skin, it gently encourages collagen and elastin production, further strengthening the skin barrier. A summer must-have treatment!


THE paradise manicure | pedicure

30 minutes | 45 minutes

Treat your hands and feet to pure bliss with the exotic scents of coconut and dragonfruit.  This nourishing prebiotic boost helps to relax the soul while revitalizing the skin. Dragon fruit oil possesses prebiotic properties, which not only enhances skin protection but also visibly improves luminosity and hydration. Cold-pressed coconut and other oils deliver a multitude of vitamins, antioxidants and nutrients to moisturize, protect, and enhance collagen production and elasticity. The tropical scents of coconut and dragon fruit transport you straight to the Island of Fiji.

in THE boutique

with pure fiji

Discover Pure Fijis beautifully fragrant collection of nourishing body oils, creamy coconut lotions, nourishing body butters, hydrating hand cremes, brightening shower gels, handmade soaps and fresh sugar scrubs.

Infused with a blend of exotic fruits and flowers, each Pure Fiji infusion is a truly memorable experience..

Purchase $75 in Pure Fiji products and receive a free gift through August 31st.*

*while supplies last

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