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please note new treatment pricing, effective June 1, 2022

massage therapy

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your body is a temple

Let our professional therapies help you to reduce pain, minimize stress, improve circulation, decrease inflammation, enhance focus, and more. Each session will restore, repair, and bring balance back to the body, mind, and soul.


THE pearl is making every effort to create 2 beautiful couples suites, and we hope to have them completed by spring 2023. Thank you for your understanding and patience! 

seasonal spotlight:

THE wellness massage | 60 minutes $175 | 75 minutes $195 |

Available Sept 1 - Nov 30

Your favorite seasonal therapy is back!  Prepare your body, mind, and soul for the season ahead with THE wellness massage. A flower essence-enhanced blend of pomegranate, palo santo, and douglous fir aids in strengthening the immune system and dissolving energetic stagnation. A compress of mineral sea salt replenishes the body with magnesium which helps you to relax and unwind. 

THE custom pearl | various times

complete well-being

Combining the therapeutic massage practices of Swedish and deep tissue, this therapy ultimately combats the stress of modern life and re-energizes the mind, leaving you with a feeling of complete well-being.


Customized to your personal pressure preferences and focus areas.

45 minutes              $125
60 minutes              $155
minutes              $180
90 minutes              $215

THE footsoul | 25 minutes

relaxology for those on the go

An indulgent foot therapy created to reduce tension + increase circulation through pressure point massage + sea salt exfoliation

25 minutes              $80

THE keshi relief | 25 minutes

spot specific relief

This targeted mini-massage addresses specific trouble spots to provide relief for those short on time. A wonderful option in between massage therapies. 

25 minutes              $80

THE oyster massage | various times

nurturing for our most precious pearls

A special prenatal massage made with mommies in mind. This massage is for those in their second or third trimester only. (This massage is not recommended for women in their first trimester.)

45 minutes              $130
minutes              $160
75 minutes              $185

THE hawaiian rapture | 75 or 90 minutes

heated therapy, tropical vibes

Hot lava stones find your pearl points to melt stress away with a chakra nurturing, head-to-toe massage.

Enrapture your body with hand-selected, heated stones that glide on overstressed muscles for a deep and warm penetration that thaws even the tightest of muscles.

A therapeutic blend organic of hand-pressed coconut oil dilo oil, macadamia oil, and sikeci oil provides excellent anti-inflammatory, moisturizing, and healing support. 

The delicious scent of coconut will leave you feeling those good island vibes any time of the year. 

75 minutes              $195
minutes              $230

THE icelandic fusion | 90 minutes

signature multi-sensory experience

A pearl exclusive, THE icelandic fusion combines therapeutic massage techniques and movements from around the world to give you an experience like no other.


Benefit from a fusion of stretching, acupressure, warm stone therapy, cool stone therapy, and our signature scent, icelandic moonflower designed to aid you in total renewal and relaxation. 

90 minutes              $255

THE pacific pearl | 60 or 75 minutes

ancient therapy, modern results

This gentle and relaxing treatment utilizes cupping therapy to alleviate a variety of ailments. Used for thousands of years, this ancient technique uses special cups to gently pull muscles upwards, releasing tension, stagnation, and congestion. A restorative massage with our radiant energy blend aids in further recovery and detoxification.  

THE pacific pearl is beneficial for anyone who suffers from chronic tension or common ailments including back and neck pain, muscle stiffness, inflammation, anxiety, fatigue, migraines, and cellulite. 

60 minutes              $175
minutes              $195

THE sacred pearl | 60 or 75 minutes

rituals to ground the body + mind

Recalibrate your body and return to sacred ground with our exclusive harmonizing massage treatment. 


Begin this ritual on a grounding earthing mat, to help reduce stress, anxiety, inflammation, and pain while bringing your body back to balance.  

Then relax as a calming and refreshing blend of native forest essential oils brings you the health benefits of forest air, releasing deep stress & nervous tension while stimulating your immune system.

A warming Himalayan salt poultice eases muscle tensions and deeply relaxes the body and mind.

60 minutes              $175
minutes              $195

*all service prices are subject to change without notice

massage gems

add to any massage for an even more personalized experience

cannabliss ● utilizing the powerful precise pain relief of CBD oil this massage addition will provide lasting relief from inflammation, pain, sleeplessness, and daily stresses  ​$35

​botanical bliss ●  flower essence and  aromatherapy  blends to help dissolve tension, quiet the mind,  remove stagnant energy or promote unconditional self-love  ​$25
​keshi rapture ●  hot stones added to your choice of back, legs and feet, face, neck and shoulders, or chest and arms $25

back scrub ● gently exfoliates dry skin $25


cupping therapy ●  therapeutic treatment facilitates self-healing while reducing stagnation, congestion, and inflammation $35

scalp experience ● personalized scalp massage with essential oils. (additional 15 minutes) $45

dry brush  ● assists with exfoliation and detoxifying the body. (additional 15 minutes) $45

keshi soul ● 15-minute foot soul experience $45

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