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seasonal spotlight | bloom

march 1st - may 31st

Our bloom treatment series has been carefully cultivated to help unlock your full potential while repairing and replenishing the body, mind, and spirit. Using nature's most nurturing ingredients, each treatment will assist you in releasing radiance and restoring balance, while dissolving tensions, worries and the physical effects of both.

a flower essence enhanced treatment series

Our seasonal flower essence blend enhances deep clarity and creativity while enhancing intuition, compassion  and softness, especially for yourself.

citrus blossom.jpeg
sarah-comeau-351935-unsplash (1).jpg

THE full bloom massage

60 minutes | $175
75 minutes | $ 195

THE hydro bloom facial

60 minutes | $165

THE citrus blossom

mani - 30 minutes | $45

pedi - 45 minutes | $75

relax the body

nourish the soul

harmonize inside + out

balance tired skin

cleanse + renew

reduce fine lines

hydrate + soften
pamper + protect
find the joy

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