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wellness alchemy

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services for THE soul

Awaken, heal and be empowered. With deeper awareness and healing tools you will be able to let go of attachments, self-nurture, restore balance, cultivate greater joy and fulfillment in your life, transform and evolve. 

THE pearl chi reiki experience

rebalance + harmonize

balance your chakras + bring the body, mind and spirit back in harmony with THE pearl chi reiki treatment. reiki is the practice of energy healing and attunement that helps to ease tension and stress while supporting the body in all levels of healing. used around the world in spa, therapeutic and medical settings, THE pearl chi is an excellent addition to your personal wellness + healing programs. 

25 minutes | $60

50 minutes | $110

THE great abyss meditation experience

restorative relaxation

experience greater levels of awareness and deep physical, emotional and mental relaxation with a session in THE great abyss. designed to induce a meditative state, each session fuses vibrational and magnetic therapy with specifically designed layered, ambient music to inhibit the stress response and produce a profound state of relaxation.


25 minutes | $30

50 minutes | $55

THE panacea experience

full being wellness

utilizing a fusion of healing practices - reiki, assisted meditation, layered sound therapy, magnetic + vibrational therapies,THE panacea quickly and effectively transports you into a deep state of relaxation. a pearl exclusive, this therapy can help reduce stress, clear the mind + soothe the soul quickly and gently. a must-try experience!

25 minutes | $90

50 minutes | $140

THE element experience

health + healing

a fusion of halo(salt) therapy, crystal therapy, and guided breathwork, THE element experience will help to alleviate respiratory conditions, such as asthma, chronic bronchitis, and allergies, heal skin conditions, induce relaxation and rejuvenation and re-align the body, mind, and soul. a semi-private experience. 

40 minutes | $30

private experience | $150

NEW! THE stargazer experience

your destiny awaits

Learn how you can best harness your gifts, overcome challenges, gain clarity about your purpose and accept your own unique beauty with THE stargazer astrology experience.  

Astrology reveals your essence as a soul on a journey. It is an ancient science, a sister to Yoga and Ayurveda, that sees your life from the perspective of your Soul.  This spiritual context profoundly affects your experience of life. 

Astrology is also extraordinarily practical, offering precise guidance on the timing of important endeavors, in addition to insight into your health, finances, relationships, career, family, and purpose. Choose the stargazer experience best suited for your needs.

THE stargazer foundation

it's written in the stars

start here!  our most comprehensive reading, THE stargazer foundation experience, covers all areas and aspects of your life, past, present, and future.


there will be a focus on your gifts, goals, and the purpose and karma of your life.  for the greatest accuracy, we highly recommend that clients complete THE foundation reading first before booking THE relationship, birthday, or good luck readings

60 minutes | $175

THE stargazer for couples

the language of love

create intimacy. understand each other better, take things less personally, and cultivate compassion and clarity with THE stargazer experience for couples. gain insight into your relationship's growth possibilities, gifts, and challenges.


compatibility readings are powerful doorways to clarity in your relationship.  clients report that they are among the most validating and empowering readings we offer. 

90 minutes | $250

THE stargazer birthday

it's destined to be

take a deep dive into your year ahead with a birthday reading! THE stargazer birthday experience is an in-depth look at the coming year from birthday to birthday.


this predictive tool gives a month-by-month analysis. it is extremely articulate and precise for the timing of future events

60 minutes | $175

THE stargazer fortune

the pearlfect timing

harness the most auspicious timing to determine the best dates and times for weddings, incorporation of a company, beginning a new project, etc.   

60 minutes | $175

THE stargazer baby

a universal connection

are you expecting?  understand the new soul who has joined your family! looking for the perfect baby shower gift?  give the gift of a THE stargazer baby reading! 


THE baby reading is one of the most fun and insightful readings we offer.  Parents will learn how to understand and support their children as they grow into their unique gifts.

60 minutes | $150

THE stargazer for groups

an elemental gathering

Bring astrology readings into your private event or party at THE pearl!  Group readings are a fun and insightful way to spice up your event with self-care and joy that will serve your guests well after your event! 

price avaialable upon request

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