seasonal spotlight | evolve

december 1st - february 29th

Our evolve treatment series has been carefully cultivated to instill peace and nourishment to the body, mind and spirit. Using nature's most nurturing ingredients, each treatment will assist you in restoring peace and strengthening vitality, while dissolving tensions, worries and the physical affects of both.

a flower essence enhanced treatment series

our seasonal flower essence blend enhances deep calm and confidence while enhancing intuition, compassion  and softness, especially for yourself.

THE mystic blue grotto

50 minutes | $110pp

THE tranquil pearl facial

60 minutes | $140

THE winter evolve massage

60 minutes | $165
75 minutes | $180

dissolve tension

increase hydration

induce deep relaxation

discover inner peace

boost collagen

heal + repair

reduce fine lines

ease tension

hydrate + soften

rebuild immune system

quiet the body + mind

relax + let go

THE melting point

mani - 30 minutes | $50

pedi - 60 minutes | $85

warm lava stones

intensely hydrating

tension relieving

bliss inducing

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