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seasonal spotlight | e·volve

january 1st - february 28th

Aromatherapy meets flower essence therapy meets crystal therapy meets numerology in this game-changing spa treatment collection.


Utilizing the power of a fusion nature’s greatest therapeutic modalities + remedies, THE pearl’s exclusive e·volve collection provides holistic healing to help calm the mind, relax the body and release whatever has been weighing you down. 


a flower essence enhanced treatment series

our seasonal flower essence blend enhances inner peace, deep wisdom and a sense of effortlessness while dissolving feelings of overwhelm, fear and seriousness. 

Frozen lavender.jpg
Image by Heye Jensen

THE manifest massage

60 minutes | $185
75 minutes | $205

dissolve tension + stress

release emotional burdens

resolve personal growth + freedom

change THE game

THE divine pearl facial

60 minutes | $180

boost collagen

restore vitality

nourish + nurture

evolve with grace

THE wisdom renewal

manicure | $45

pedicure | $75

hydrate + soften

discover deep peace  

activate hope + fresh perspectives

soothe your soul

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