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hands and feet

Your hands and feet carry so much, let our professional team give them the TLC they deserve. Utilizing only the highest quality ingredients, our specialized hand and nail therapies soothe, hydrate, and rejuvenate safely and beautifully.

please note nails must be free of all acrylics, dips, and gels (other than the gel offered at THE pearl) prior to all manicure and pedicure services. 

seasonal treatment: THE paradise hand + foot therapies

Available June 1 - August 31


Treat your hands and feet to pure bliss with the exotic scents of coconut and dragonfruit.  This nourishing prebiotic boost helps to relax the soul while revitalizing the skin. Dragon fruit oil possesses prebiotic properties, which not only enhances skin protection but also visibly improves luminosity and hydration.


Cold-pressed coconut and other oils deliver a multitude of vitamins, antioxidants and nutrients to moisturize, protect, and enhance collagen production and elasticity. The tropical scents of coconut and dragon fruit transport you straight to the Island of Fiji.

manicure - $45

pedicure - $85

​​THE ​atlantis - NEW!

a delicious, deeply hydrating manicure + pedicure based on the soft scents of the Mediterranean Sea. Get lost in relaxation as organic shea butter transforms even the driest skin. Rejuvenate the mind with the sparkling scent blend, and transport yourself to utopia.

​manicure $50

pedicure $80

​​THE deep blue sea​

this detoxifying pedicure removes fatigue from sore legs + feet with the power of magnesium. 


enriched with aloe vera, red marine algae extracts, and the delicious blend of organic essential oils of rosemary, grapefruit, lemon, juniper, and thyme, enjoy deeply moisturized and energized legs and feet.

pedicure $85

​​THE cleopatra - NEW!

a luxurious treatment based on the ancient beauty rituals performed by the queen of the Nile. Drench your hands and feet in warm milk + honey experience, designed to soften, soothe and revitalize the skin. Includes a hot oil experience and a warm milk + honey mask with crushed pearls. 

manicure $55

pedicure $85

THE getaway​

express manicure + pedicure perfect for anyone short on time

manicure $30

pedicure $55

​​THE ​cosmopearlitan​

our traditional spa manicure + pedicure infused with our signature icelandic moonflower scent

​manicure $40

pedicure $70


THE 007

designed for the international man of intrigue, this hand or foot treatment precisely grooms your nails and cuticles then buffs them to professional perfection.

manicure $35

pedicure $65


*all service prices are subject to change without notice

hand and foot additions

​​​Add to any hand or nail service


polish extension* ● extend your manicure up to 21 days with our safe but effective gel polish $25

paraffin alternative* ● deep moisturizing treatment for hands or feet $15

​callus peel* ●  intense therapy to drastically reduce or eliminate the toughest skin  $25​​

​​hot stone massage ●  to enhance relaxation and promote well being $20​

french manicure/pedicure ● $15​             nail art ● $7 per nail                           nail repair ● $7 per nail​

* additional time required

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