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auditions are being held for you to be yourself.

apply within.

We provide opulence without arrogance. We create unique experiences that are consistently delivered. We are a family of
fun-loving, compassionate souls.


We believe in both nature and nurture and the healing benefits of both.We are on a mission to change the world.

Service is our calling.

Wellness is our passion.

Extraordinary is our guiding light.  

A pearl:

  • cultivates relationships while respecting others uniqueness: extraordinary experiences that make others feel special

  • delights in delivering amazing experiences to all: consistency and excellence

  • embraces a harmonious work environment: the team above all else

  • believes in the power of knowledge: education to guarantee results 

  • is considerate of others: keeping time builds trust

  • isn't afraid to get down and dirty: highest level of safety and sanitation standards.  


We proudly offer:


  • on-going trainings for both professional and individual growth

  • education reimbursement

  • a harmonious, team based environment

  • competitive hourly wages

  • bonus opportunities

  • benefit package for full time employees (30 hours or more)

    • ​medical and dental

    • holiday pay

    • paid leave

  • many opportunities for advancement

  • generous treatment discounts for you and your family

  • generous discounts in our boutique

  • opportunities to enjoy complimentary services and products


What's next?


Do you feel compelled to learn more? Do more? Change the world?

We are always looking for the right gem to join our family of pearls.

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