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reinvent yourself

It all starts here. Workshops designed to be a catalyst of the union of the body, mind, and soul. A sacred experience that provides you with power and peace at once. We call it being in the flow: of this moment, this world, this universe. Whatever your reason may be, our workshops are sure to help provide the answer. 

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summer workshops

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NEW!  beginner bungee

Introducing pearl bungee! Join us for this dynamic, empowering, movement class designed to improve core strength and build stamina without risk of joint injuries. The first in Howard County, pearl bungee is an enlightening and ridiculously fun killer workout that challenges and grounds you. Completing our beginner bungee workshop is required before taking our weekly bungee class. 

$45 | Various dates through June, July and August

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 full moon ceremony 

The full moon ceremony is an opportunity to come together within a community of like-minded souls to release, remember, and reveal.


Each month the ceremony will vary depending on the planets, placement of the moon, and context of the meanings behind these alignments. Each full moon ceremony and circle will include tools such as reiki, crystals, journaling, celestial study, and spiritual guidance.

$35  |  saturdays, 6:00 pm | june 22nd | july 20th |  august 17th

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NEW: THE healing circle series

Introducing THE healing circle series.  Healing circles are a safe and sacred space where intimate groups come together to release, heal, and grow. A therapeutic process offers solitude and comfort while benefiting from the group's collective energy. 

Each month, THE pearl will offer one reiki healing circle and one breathwork healing circle designed to focus on seasonal healing.  Attend one for great release or both for deeper healing and growth.


reiki healing circle - $35   |   sundays, 2:30 pm | june 2nd  | july 7th  | august 4th

breathwork healing circle - $35 | sundays, 1:00pm | june 23rd | july 14th |  august 18th

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Image by he wang

Join us for a fusion of two amazing healing modalities-acupuncture and sound healing--in our relaxing aerial silks. This workshop begins with pranayama. Once students relax back into the silks, they receive an acupuncture treatment while listening to the healing sounds instruments. This 90-minute workshop will leave you feeling restored and renewed.

$45   |   fridays, 6:30 pm | june 7th | july 12th | august 2nd

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floating sound meditation + acupuncture

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restorative aerial yoga + sound

A more therapeutic Aerial yoga practice, low hammocks allow you to hold poses to restore and repair the body and allow for beautiful spinal traction.


Then, enjoy a  deeper sense of relaxation with a guided meditation accompanying a sound symphony of crystal singing bowls, gongs, chimes, tuning forks, and more.

$35   |   sunday, june 16th, 1:30pm | friday, july 26th, 6:30 pm 

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community acupuncture

“Community” refers to a style of acupuncture where treatments are administered in a group setting.  

Community acupuncture is perfect for those in need of a relaxing experience to help relieve stress and anxiety, who have 1-2 health concerns to address, and who are curious about the benefits of acupuncture. 

$30   |   mondays, 11:15 am  | june 10th | july 15th | august 5th

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floating acupuncture + sleep yoga

Get grounded and start the weekend off right with our most popular monthly workshop. Guests will "float" in suspended cocoon-like silk wraps while receiving a fusion of two proven ancient healing modalities - Acupuncture and Yoga Nidra (a guided sleep yoga meditation.)

Complete this workshop feeling a sense of profound peace, centered calm, and completely relaxed.

$45  |   fridays, 6:30 pm  | june 21st | july 19th | august 16th

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Image by Max van den Oetelaar

 THE great release virtual breathwork experience

Join us for our first monthly virtual breathwork session, THE great release. Somatic breathwork is easy to do and provides powerful healing benefits. It quiets the mind, drops us into our hearts, offers a space for emotions to be felt and released, and connects us to ourselves and our spirit.


Healing is very powerful when experienced together. Join us in a virtual community from the comfort of your home to release 2023 to make space for all that is to come.

$20   |   tuesdays, 7:15pm | july 9th | august 13th

thursdays, 7:15pm | june 27th | august 29th

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Image by Estée Janssens

NEW:  art journaling 

Discover the transformative power of art journaling in our immersive workshop. Guided by Amy Waldrup, this workshop invites participants of all skill levels to enjoy a dedicated space for playful explorations, creative self-expression, and provide you with a positive, soul-nurturing outlet. delve into the creative process through mixed-media journaling techniques.

Through guided prompts and exercises, participants will learn how to use art as a tool for self-expression, mindfulness, and self-care.

$35  |   sundays, june 30th | july 21st | august 11th  - 11:00  am

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floating sound healing + meditation

Join  us for a fusion of sound and floating mediation in this deeply relaxing experience.  Begin by releasing stagnant energies, then settle into the silks with a breathwork session. The sound bowls will slowly join us in our experience as you are guided through a yoga nidra practice (yogic sleep).


As we drift deeper into the nidra practice, the sound will build as gongs, tuning forks, and other sound healing instruments are slowly draped into the space.

$35   |   sunday, july 7th - 1:00 pm

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donation-based outdoor kids yoga

Yoga offers a release from today's fast-paced and tech-heavy world.  Help your child learn how to live in the moment and enjoy the great outdoors with our Saturday morning kids class.  


Our donation-based outdoor yoga for kids can help children begin to develop self-awareness, build concentration, manage stress, learn to unwind, and detach from technology.

donations appreciated  |  saturdays, july 13th | august 10th - 10:00  am

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Image by Artur Aldyrkhanov

inner child healing

This healing workshop takes the beginning steps of becoming aware of the stuck points of trauma while simultaneously starting to process the trauma in a clean and respectful way. 


Danielle Kean-Grassi, Certified Mental & Emotional coach and Anxiety Strategist. Danielle specializes in inner-personal tools and greater growth awareness so that individuals have the opportunity to understand their needs and eventually help themselves through emotional health challenges. 

$45   |   sundays, july 14th | august 18th - 1:00 pm

level 2 | sunday, june 23rd - 1:30pm

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Image by Andreas Wagner

 shamanic cacao + sound ceremony

Join us for a transformative journey into the depths of your soul with our Sacred Cacao + Sound Ceremony. Led by Hamilton Garces, this workshop offers a sacred container for individuals seeking to connect on cellular and soul levels through the harmonizing powers of cacao and celestial sound. Cacao symbolizes the feminine energy of Mother Earth and has long been used for healing and heart-opening ceremonies. In this ceremony, holding space for you to connect with the profound energies of the earth and the universe, allowing the spirit of cacao to guide us into deeper realms of self-awareness and connection to the sacred heart space

$65   | friday, july 19th - 6:30 pm

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NEW: THE heart of yoga: kirtan chanting

Kirtan is a simple, heart-centered spiritual practice that has become incredibly popular in the West in recent years.  This ancient practice awakens connection and love in our hearts through repetitive call-and-response singing of ancient mantras between a leader and a group.  The power of the sounds awakens connection and devotion and a profound sense of peace and calm.   Expect to leave the workshop feeling a sense of unity and oneness that you may have never felt before.

$35   | sunday, august 4th - 2:00 pm

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THE immersion series

Give yourself permission to stop all the doing and fully relax into being.

THE immersion event fuses the healing modalities of yin yoga, massage therapy, and reiki energy work into one magical experience. During various supported yin poses, students will receive gentle massage and reiki to facilitate deep healing and relaxation. A pearl signature experience. 

$75    |   sunday, august 11st - 1:30 pm

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THE stargazer immersion

Experience the power of astrology (and enjoy a mini-reading!) at this transformative workshop. Discover your essence as a soul on a journey of evolution.  Learn how you can best harness your gifts, overcome challenges, and accept the beauty of your life. Vedic Astrology is an ancient science, a sister to Yoga and Ayurveda.  It sees your life from your soul's perspective and helps you embrace that you are exactly where you are meant to be.  This workshop will fill you with faith and confidence in your connection with the Cosmos!

$35   | sunday, august 11th - 2:00 pm

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