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Cultivating Bliss

By definition to cultivate is to prepare and use land for crops OR to develop a quality, sentiment, or skill. And when I look up the actual definition of bliss, I find a picture like the one below - and a feeling described as a state of perfect happiness, typically so as to be oblivious of everything else.

cultivate bliss this summer

So of course…I may jump at the chance to make a gardening analogy here – they’re my favorite.

develop your inner garden and reap abundance

Sometimes we may not recognize the presence of our wise inner gardener. The mind likes to take control and the physical body likes to have its desires met. But the wise inner gardener speaks to us in the still, subtle moments. Hearing that voice requires tuning in and aligning with our truest aspirations in order to hear it clearly.

Think of a moment that you’ve experienced in the past where you mind becomes still and you felt perfectly content. Maybe it’s while you’re on vacation, sitting in your favorite space after work, tending to your garden or spending time with family.

Wherever it may be – you are there, you're keenly aware of everything around you. Your senses pick up things you’ve never really noticed before - colors are more vivid, sounds are clear and serene, smells are more intricate and balanced. You lose yourself in the moment and feel its bliss completely. Your shoulders relax, your mind is at ease, and all this built up tension escapes with each exhaled breath. With your mind free from overthinking, you let out a huge sigh and say, “ahh, now this is the life."

find bliss this summer

Now when you think about what made this moment special it wasn’t all about the space you were in, most likely had something to do with how immersed you were in that moment. I’m willing to bet you were completely present.

You felt an inner peace, you felt a wave of pure joy wash over you, brought on by nothing other than your undivided appreciation of the moment, untainted by thoughts.

Your total awareness was immersed in the absolute experience of the present moment - you felt true happiness. Ah ha! Bliss!

Find presence and bliss this Summer by thinking on the following first:


Sometimes finding softness first in our physical body leads to an openness in our spirit or mind.

When we deny or do not cultivate this emotional soft side we weaken our ability to connect with others, thus weakening the strength of our relationships. Working on this means building our skills to first understand our feelings and then taking the risk to express our feelings in a manner that is appropriate to the situation.

Try yin or restorative yoga, massage, tai chi, breathing exercises, gratitude journaling, volunteering, practice compassion, random acts of kindness


Make no mistake joy is a choice. Every. Single. Day. Being mindful of this, you can develop the tools to remember all the items that bring you joy in your life. The world around you may not change, but you can change the way you look at the world. Develop a new perspective.

Enjoy laughing, playfulness, taking breaks, community, gatherings, pets, children, move through blockages, edit your surroundings, choose joy


your soul craves magic

Your soul craves magic. But life sometimes gets us stuck in a rhythm of busywork that can sedate our magical senses.

Be daring - follow the rainbow, take the scenic route, and listen your intuition as it guides you to new opportunities.

Opt for chasing the light, full moon ceremonies, throw a sunset party, sunrise rituals, community, gather, explore nature, pay attention to synchronicity, keep a dream journal, swim naked outside, say yes

your treasure awaits

Your abundant harvest…your treasure… awaits

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