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red flower

red flower


enhance your daily beauty wellness ritual with a highly concentrated blend of curative botanical oils enriched with aromatherapeutic benefits. a restorative massage application or warm oil infused bath delivers a curative escape that creates energy in the body while calming the mind. experience layers of certified organic safflower seed oil to boost skin health, avocado oil to increase cell regeneration and sweet almond oil to soften and clear pores. botanical oils envelop with aromatherapy and well-being.

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icelandic moonflower: scent blend: rose absolute, sandalwood, clove bud, palmarosa, lavender and armoisearomatherapy: encourage a sense of euphoria as well as treat headaches, asthma and insomnia

french lavender: scent blend: lavender, orange peel, rosemary +peppermint aromatherapy: calming, balancing and clarifying, induces a calm and restful state, proven to enhance performance and concentration while studying and test taking

indian jasmine: scent blend: jasmine, neroli, tangerine, and ylang-ylang aromatherapy: antidepressant, euphoric effect, relieves stress and anxiety

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