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sprayology arnica power

sprayology arnica power


Temporarily relieves symptoms associated with overexertion or trauma including:

  • muscle aches
  • stiffness
  • swelling from injuries
  • bruising

Recommended for: adults and children over 12 who want pain relief naturally.

1.38oz | 41mL

FDA regulated homeopathic redmedy that quickly and naturally reduces pain, stiffness and swelling. 

Muscle Aches                                                                                   Arnica Montana - Relieves sensation of soreness of the arms.           Arnica Montana - Relieves sensation of soreness in the legs.

Stiffness                                                                                            Arnica Montana - Relieves stiffness of the limbs after exertion.          Arnica Montana - Relieves stiffness and weariness of all the limbs.

Swelling from Injuries                                                                          Arnica Montana - Relieves swelling of glands, knees, toes and skin. Arnica Montana - Eases skin swelling from insect bites.

Bruising                                                                                             Arnica Montana - Relieves pains, and sensation from a bruise in the limbs and the joints, as well as in the injured parts.                                              Arnica Montana - Relieves skin discoloring caused by bruise.

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