sprayology arnica power

sprayology arnica power


Temporarily relieves symptoms associated with overexertion or trauma including:

  • muscle aches
  • stiffness
  • swelling from injuries
  • bruising

Recommended for: adults and children over 12 who want pain relief naturally.


    1.38oz | 41mL

    FDA regulated homeopathic redmedy that quickly and naturally reduces pain, stiffness and swelling. 

    Muscle Aches                                                                                   Arnica Montana - Relieves sensation of soreness of the arms.           Arnica Montana - Relieves sensation of soreness in the legs.

    Stiffness                                                                                            Arnica Montana - Relieves stiffness of the limbs after exertion.          Arnica Montana - Relieves stiffness and weariness of all the limbs.

    Swelling from Injuries                                                                          Arnica Montana - Relieves swelling of glands, knees, toes and skin. Arnica Montana - Eases skin swelling from insect bites.

    Bruising                                                                                             Arnica Montana - Relieves pains, and sensation from a bruise in the limbs and the joints, as well as in the injured parts.                                              Arnica Montana - Relieves skin discoloring caused by bruise.



    Adults and children over 12: 2 sprays under the tongue three times per day. For severe symptoms, dosage may be taken up to six times per day. Dose may additionally be sprayed on site of pain or injury if skin is not open, broken or scratched. For best results take first dose as soon as possible after injury or overexertion.

    Under the age of 12: Consult a doctor prior to use.


    • If symptoms persist or worsen consult your doctor or healthcare professional.
    • If pregnant or breast-feeding, ask a health professional before use.
    • Keep out of reach of children.

    Active Ingredients:

    Arnica Montana 3x, 4x, 6x.

    Inactive Ingredients: Non-GMO glycerin, Organic Alcohol 20% v/v, Purified Water. 

    NDC # 61096-1032-1

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