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sprayology cold+flu relief

sprayology cold+flu relief


Temporarily relieves the symptoms of colds and flu including:

  • sinus congestion
  • achiness
  • chills
  • headache and fever

Recommended for: people looking to relieve sinus congestion, fever, 
achiness, chills and cold-related headaches naturally.

1.4oz | 44mL

FDA regulated homeopathic remedy that safely relieves cold + flu symptoms

Sinus Congestion                                                                                Allium cepa (Red Onion) - eases nasal inflammation                            Sticta (Lungwort Lichen) - alleviates nasal and throat discomfort            Kali bic (Potassium Bromide) - eases nasal congestion; reduces mucous discharge; soothes inflammation of the air passages, throat and nose Sulphur iod (Sulfur Iodine) - provides natural immune system support and moderates lymph swelling                                                                Antimonium tart (Tartar Emetic) - anti-inflammatory effect upon bronchial mucous membrane

Achiness                                                                                            Sticta (Lungwort Lichen) - reduces chest pain due to coughs and bronchitis                                                                                        Gelsemium (Yellow Jessamine) - alleviates achy eye pain                    Merc iod Ruber (Mercuric Chloride) - for sore throats and glandular swelling

Chills                                                                                              Baptisia (Wild Indigo) - relieves chills and muscle soreness associated with influenza                                                                                    Eupatorium perf (Thorough-wort Boneset) - for chills and discomfort in the limbs and muscles; eases chest soreness                                 Gelsemium (Yellow Jessamine) - relieves chills, especially up and down the back

Headache and Fever                                                                          Allium cepa (Red Onion) - relieves headache localized in the forehead Eupatorium perf (Thorough-wort Boneset) - relieves throbbing

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