sprayology diet power

sprayology diet power


Helps to balance metabolism and to relieve common symptoms of a reducing diet including:

  • excessive appetite
  • food cravings
  • low energy
  • water retention

Recommended for: those who want to naturally support weight loss with this ephedra-free homeopathic spray.

1.4oz | 44mL

FDA regulated homeopathic remedy helps to balance metabolisim and relieve common symptoms associated with reducing diet.

Excessive Appetite                                                                              Fucus (Sea Kelp) - treatment for excess weight due to metabolic imbalance                                                                                          Boldo - for weak and listless states of stomach and the intestinal canal Pancreas (Pancreas Extract) - helps balance pancreatic function, supporting the endocrine system and a balanced appetite o Food cravings                                                                                       Gambogia (Gamboge Gummi Gutti) - relieves food cravings, stomach distention and flatulence                                                                     Thuja occ (Tree of Life) - relieves salt cravings and abdominal distention

Low Energy                                                                                       Fucus (Sea Kelp) - helps balance energy to its positive effects on the thyroid gland                                                                                     Hepar suis (Liver Extract) - helps detoxify the liver, often lessening the occasion of endocrine weakness                                                Hamamelis (Witch Hazel) - helps promote proper circulation by relieving venous congestion                                                                   Histaminum hydrochloricum (Histamine Hydrochloride) - eases poor digestion due to its positive effects on gastric secretions

WaterRetention                                                                                     Apis mel (Honey Bee) - acts as a diuretic to reduce water retention Galium (Goose Grass) - acts as a diuretic for edema


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