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​THE great abyss 

You have no need to travel anywhere.

Journey within  yourself,

Enter a mine of rubies and bathe

In the splendor of your own light.



THE pearl is pleased to introduce THE great abyss, a modern meditation experience. 

Did you know that an estimated 75 percent to 90 percent of all doctor visits are for stress-related issues?  Stress is a factor in heart disease, cancer, stroke, respiratory disease, and many accidents.

THE great abyss is an exceptionally relaxing experience that uses technology to induce meditation.  It stimulates both neurological and psychological changes within your body to create a better state of wellbeing.  It’s been described as like getting 4 hours of sleep in 25 minutes.

The SolTec lounge chair was created by a neurologist, Dan Cohen,  best known for his creation of Breathe Right Nasal Strips.  He began research in 1996 to develop an easy way to induce profound levels of relaxation and meditation, producing dramatic levels of stress reduction in addition to greater presence and happiness.


 Dr. Dan describes the technology behind SolTec as this: “Synchronized sound and vibration cause areas of the brain responsible for maintaining too high a level of vigilance (the stress response) to be inhibited. This automatically produces a profound state of relaxation. The synchronized magnetic field therapy stimulates the human energy system, causing greater integration with the physical body, which results in positive physical, emotional, mental, and energetic effects. By experiencing and learning what this profound state of relaxation feels like, we can learn to reproduce this feeling much of the time.”

With repeated treatments of THE great abyss, one will be able to learn what deeper states of relaxation feel like and will be able to recreate this feeling of restorative relaxation anytime.

25 minutes, $40

50 minutes, $75

FInd out more about The SolTec lounge below

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