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THE pearl chi reiki


reduce stress +anxiety

dissolve energy blocks

aid in physical healing

clear THE mind

restore THE soul


balance your chakras + bring the body, mind and spirit back in harmony with THE pearl chi reiki treatment. reiki is the practice of energy healing and attunement that helps to ease tension and stress while supporting the body in all levels of healing. used around the world in spa, therapeutic and medical settings, THE pearl chi is an excellent addition to your personal wellness + healing programs. 

25 minutes |  $50 

50 minutes | $100

Turquoise Stone


utilizing a fusion of healing practices - reiki, assisted meditation, layered sound therapy, magnetic + vibrational therapies,THE panacea quickly and effectively transports you into a deep state of relaxation. a pearl exclusive, this therapy can help reduce stress, clear the mind + soothe the soul quickly and gently. a must try experience!


​THE panacea

" This treatment was absolutely amazing! I was immediately transported into a deep, meditative state and the feeling lasted for days. My stress was greatly reduced and my over all outlook and wellbeing enhanced. In addition, I was sore due to some muscular work I had received the day before, and my soreness completely disappeared! I will be receiving THE panacea service on a regular basis for sure."     -kb  

25 minutes |  $80 

series of 6  | $385

a modern meditation experience to stimulate both neurological and psychological wellness

25 minutes | $25
50 minutes | $50

High Resolution-Ashley Michelle Photogra

​THE great abyss

layered sound elctro-

magnetic frequencies



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