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important information for the july 4th event

IMPORTANT: Little Patuxent Parkway will fully close for all vehicles at approximately 6 pm. We highly recommend arriving prior to 5:45 to avoid the road closure.  The street will remain closed until approximately 11:00 pm.

PARKING:  Guests of THE pearl have reserved parking in the parking garage located at the north end of our usual parking lot, off of Wincipon Circle. Find directions here. Guests of THE pearl have access to the upper lot of the garage. The entrance to the upper lot is located off of Little Patuxent Parkway. Please see the pictures below for the exact location. 

Upon arrival, please present your event ticket to the garage attendant. Please arrive no later than 5:30 pm to ensure a permitted parking spot.

RAIN: ADULT SWIM will continue rain or shine! Should THE courtyard be too wet to enjoy, we will offer picnic lunches in our movement studios or THE healing waters (to be determined) and move the firework viewing portion into our movement studios, where our guests may enjoy the fireworks show with a perfect view (minus wet shoes!). 

Should the fireworks be rescheduled, guests of ADULT SWIM are welcome to come back and enjoy the show in our courtyard. Please note that no seating, blankets, food, or amenities will be provided for rescheduled events; guests must bring their own accommodations. 

SEATING: THE pearl will pre-determine guest seating based on group size and requests. Guests may request to have seats moved based on a first-come, first-seated basis.  We are unable to guarantee any specific spot to any party. 

Please feel free to bring your own chair. Blankets will be provided to all guests.
wincoping garage 3_edited.jpg

Picture of Parking from Little Patuxent Parkway, curtosey of google maps.  Click here for directions

wincopin garage 4.png

Alternative View of Parking from Little Patuxent Parkway, curtosey of google maps.  Click here for directions

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