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September: Living With The Seasons

Later this month we will experience the Autumnal Equinox, and like hitting the "off switch" to the summer, fall will suddenly be upon us! Pumpkin Spice this and apple cider that, I'm sure you know the signs.

Late Summer is naturally a transitional time of year; moving from the hot, active season of summer to the crisp, intimate season of fall. Its the time to slowly transition your mind, body and soul into the stillness of the cooler seasons. Just like the plants, flowers and trees all around us, it's time to shed what no longer serves us, and prepare for the restorative season of winter.


It’s a good idea to finish up any projects you were working on during Spring and Summer, to relish in all your hard work and to celebrate any goals you met or came closer too. Letting go of anything you may be holding onto from earlier in the year is a good idea as well, so that you can make room for new experiences. Any new projects you start now should focus more on cultivating the mind, with a becoming more introspective.


Physically, now's the time to support your body's natural ability to remove toxins from the body, and take stock of the influences that you allow into your life—from the kind of food you eat to the amount of time you spend in front of an electronic device (computer, cell phone, TV). A gentle detox is recommended in the fall, save the more aggressive cleanse for spring.


Detoxing and cleansing fit perfectly into this time of year. While its important for your physical body, it's often even more important for your spiritual body. Remove toxic feelings and relationships and let go of anything that does not feed your soul positively.

Transitional times of year like late summer and the beginning of Autumn are important in allowing time for us to prepare for the season ahead. It’s about that time to take out your journal from earlier this year, turn to a fresh page and make two lists:

Things to let go of and/or detox from

For Example:

  • Letting go of toxic relationships or habits

  • Starting a “digital detox”

  • An internal cleanse

Introspective and Mindful Projects for the Fall & Winter

For Example:

  • Cultivate a meditation/deep breathing practice

  • Start a meditative hobby like knitting or sketching

  • Take a deep breath, inhale in the smell of new beginnings, exhale and let go of the past year.

So, stop by your favorite local coffee shop, grab that pumpkin spice latte (or better yet make your own turmeric latte), find a nice patch of grass to relax on, while the weather is still good, and really think on how you’d like the rest of your year to go.

Take a deep breath, inhale in the smell of new beginnings, exhale and let go of the past year. Go ahead…write down what’s brewing in your heart.


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