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THE winter gift: healing

The Winter season is deeply engraved in my bones. I swear, it is written on my heart and soul - the recipe for Winter wellness. The wind changes, the light shifts and there it is. Time for inwardness, introspection and becoming still. Time to pull it all close and snuggle in. Time to listen to our inner voice. Time to heal.

In fact, I’ve come to think of it as – The healing season. And over the last few years I’ve noticed that healing takes time and space - it is spiral, a cycle. I think of it like the same rocky coastline, mountain path or neighborhood walking trail you walk over and over again. Lately I’ve been thinking about a theme that keeps re-occurring in my own life. One that I keep walking through time after time, gathering insight like I gather pretty stones on my walks by the sea.

And as I walk this path, this journey, this theme - I keep hearing these questions in my mind. Over and over again - they've become a maddening song:

Why do I keep cycling through the same issues?

What am I supposed to learn?

What is wrong with me that I haven’t yet learned how to navigate this?

As I dig deep and discover new stones of insight - I’ve discovered this is simply how healing works. There is no shame in walking the same path again and again. In fact, it can be a gift. Every time you walk that route, you have the opportunity to notice new details. Maybe you’ve made space to notice things you did not notice before. Gaining knowledge on how to move forward, take the next step.

Throughout this re-occurring theme I kept asking myself “What am I supposed to learn from this?” until one day my wise friend said “Maybe your supposed to be teaching something through this experience” – this different perspective was profound. Since she said that, I feel a bit more solid in trusting my own navigation of this process. Like this isn’t my puzzle to solve. And it’s really not. However, it is in my life. And it’s up to me to show compassion, kindness, strength, hope, boundaries. And ya know, someday someone else will undoubtedly be in my shoes, walking a similar path and I’ll be able to support them in their healing.

This is Winter. This is where we heal. This is where we walk the path, feel through the cycles. It is hard to really say where these cycles begin and end, this is the nature of cycles. This is how Winter feels; it is an ending but also a beginning - the dawn of what is to come. It is a spiritual time. Breathing in this freezing air baptizes are insides with the holy power to cleanse and mend ourselves.


Winter Evolve PM Ritual

(Utilizing our NEW Antara by Zents hemp collection)


-candlelit bath or shower with bath truffle

-follow with balance body oil + relief balm


Begin a recapitulation practice - this is a practice of sitting in peace, reviewing your day with graitude and then letting it go.

I find it easy and fun to list 10 random things about your day. You can do this in one of our mindful journals, read them aloud, whisper a prayer of gratitude and then let today go with peace in your heart.

Rest + Reset.

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