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7 Things We’re In LOVE With This February

Our focus during the Winter season and the month of February is all about evolving. This is the space within the yearly cycle that calls for us to be still, dig deep and let our inner wisdom guide us. Therefore, the rituals + remedies that support us this time of year need to be nourishing, healing and thought provoking. Add in a layer of LOVE and they become downright life changing.

I keep telling ya – it’s an important time of year.

1. Antara by Zents

What do you get when you combine mindfully curated selfcare products with pure, potent and organically grown full spectrum CBD? Oh, only the most exquisite formulas for healthy skin and a balanced mind + body.

This ultra-clean non-psychoactive CBD is grown without pesticides and extracted without chemicals, solvents, or carbon dioxide, for unmatched purity. Organically grown in the Boulder Valley, watered with snowmelt from Colorado’s highest peaks, then nurtured to their full potency on an organic farm. Watered with snowmelt?! You had me at snowmelt.

WHY SHOULD you use CBD this time of year? CBD is rapidly transforming the world of wellness and creating a profound shift in the way we address health. The areas of the body impacted by CBD can make a dramatic impact on the way we feel and function.

Research indicates its use in improving: Overall Wellness, Stress, Sleep, Pain, Anxiety, Acne, Inflammation, Skin Irritation

2. Bedtime Rituals

For me morning rituals come easy, however evening rituals seem to never stick. Instead of beating myself up about this I decided to embrace rituals that seemed fun or very simple. And while doing the same ritual every morning seems to get my day off to a great start – the same evening rituals night after night seem to leave me feeling bored and uninspired. Therefore, I have a “toolbox” of pm rituals that I pick from nightly.

Three of my favs:

  • Rapitulation - the practice of reviewing your day with gratitude and then letting it go with love and kindness.

  • Guided meditation - I usually use an app and do this as I'm laying in bed. Puts me right to sleep!

  • Sprayology Sleepease - a homeopathic sleep aid that I keep on my nightstand.

3. ANDA Vital Eye Treatment

If you have already been using the other magic potions within this nurturing line than you know the excitement this new eye treatment brings! I literally want to snuggle up in these formulas. They are everything and more your skin could crave this time of year!

Nutrient-rich emollients and botanicals in this multi-function eye crème boost moisture and elasticity to smooth and lift the look of the line-prone eye area.

Key Ingredients:

  • Gotu Kola – combined with four other botanicals in a clinically-proven complex, this extract protects collagen reserves, reinforces capillaries and diminishes dark circles

  • Persian Silk Tree – the first-ever ingredient to demonstrate visible lifting action on sagging upper lids also reduces glycation to combat cellular fatigue and aging

  • Mondo Grass – significantly strengthens and restores the integrity of the skin’s moisture barrier as it protects from external stressors

4. The Beauty Chef Wellness Spray

This has quickly become my favorite on the go remedy. There's two reasons why - it contains peppermint oil that freshens my breath, I'm not a gum chewer or into mints so I make sure this is always in my bag. Thus, I'm consistently using this a few times a day and ingesting all the goodness of this immunity boosting spray.

Wellness Spray has instantly become a must have for me.

The benefits: Synergistic blend of herbal extracts like elderberry, protects against free radicals, supports immune function, contributes to energy metabolism, maintains healthy skin + hair.

5. Infinite Love - a month of valentine's offerings

The month of February is here and Valentine's day is right around the corner. These experiences take the stress out of your plans with our exclusively crafted selection of flower essence enhanced services, designed to cultivate a sense of self love and deeper connection to others.

With this intimate focus on self love and our connection to the special people in our lives these experiences are indeed indulgent, but also allow us to make space for the most important thing in our lives...LOVE in all of it's many forms.

Which leads me to…

6. Lotus Wei INFINTE LOVE serum

I know this is a classic Lotus Wei product that we’ve loved for years (and we are coming up on Valentine’s Day) but there’s something so cunningly intimate about this serum. I know I know -i t’s called infinite love but there’s something truly seductive about it. Its scent is sweet yet a little spicy. Applying this daily, during these chilly days make me feel like I’m wrapped in a big cozy sweater. I have never felt more love…for MYSELF.

7. THE polished pearl

The Winter season is a great time to focus on reparative treatments. Our newest addition to any facial experience is THE polished pearl, an anti-aging diamond exfoliation treatment.

This new and innovative facial treatment helps you regain that youthful glow.

Additionally, it can reduce sun damage, blotchiness, and scars. But what exactly is THE polished pearl? Well basically, it’s a facial experience that uses manual exfoliation to remove the outer layer of skin. Dead skin cells are exfoliated and vacuumed off the face with a machine that uses tips covered in tiny diamonds. Additionally, this treatment helps increase blood flow and collagen production. Although you will see glowing results with just one treatment, this process works in a series to achieve the best results.

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