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Holiday Gift Guide

One of my favorite aspects of THE pearl is this unique opportunity we have to promote, share and adore our partners in wellness…the artisans, craftspeople, entrepreneurs and creators we admire and respect. Together we create a community devoted to wellness + self-care.

While we have a boutique full of the most extraordinary gifts of wellness, I thought I’d spotlight a few that I think are truly unique and thoughtful.

enjoy this compilation of magical gifts.

Ceremony of the Senses Gift Set by Red Flower

A warm oil infused bath by the light of a candle delivers an escape that relieves tension and stress in the body while calming the mind. Red Flower presents the ceremony of senses gift set, containing aromatherapeutic body oil, a generously scented petal topped candle, and hand crafted Céramique Dompierre candle plate, artfully wrapped with a red flower drawstring muslin satchel.

Light the generously scented candle, release petals into bath, blend in drops of aromatherapeutic oil, steep. This simple practice transforms a bath into a nutrient-rich and replenishing hydrotherapeutic sanctuary. Create calm.


Flowerevolution Book by Katie Hess

This life changing book, hand delivered to us in NYC by Katie Hess herself, is design to be used as a guidebook to give us a fuller experience of our everyday lives. This is not one to just lay beautifully on a coffee table or sit on a shelf…it is meant to be opened daily and become a well-worn sidekick!

This book is truly magical. For example, I just went to get my copy and as Katie advised; I randomly opened to a page in the book. I opened to a page that didn’t have a picture of a flower on it so I tried again…I got the same page…weird. Tried again. Same page. OK universe. I got it. I should read this page.

And although there was not a picture this page was about the Nasturtium flower. A flower that is very special to me because of the Nasturtium flower elixir I took that was a catalyst for change in my life about this time last year. Looking at the different aspects of this flower in this book was a reflection of my year. I think it goes without saying, I’m giving this book to everyone this holiday season.

(We are also carrying a collection of other wellness books and journals that are equally as magical.)


Spa + Tasting Towers and Sweet Lips by Waxing Kara

The beautiful gifts by Waxing Kara are made with carefully-selected ingredients that wouldn’t be available if it weren’t for the mighty honey bees! Renew your skin while restoring the planet. Create an indulgent spa experience at home, made by hand with organic and natural ingredients, designed to detoxify and improve circulation.

These towers are also great for breaking up and turning one or two purchases into several gifts! Combine a Clarity Mask with an Eastern Shore Honey, voila! A unique and decadent gift! And I don’t know about you but I’m putting one of those honey lollipops on top of every gift I’m wrapping this year! So cute!


THE pearl classics

Give a little piece of THE pearl to your loved ones. Along with our extraordinary collection of rituals and remedies we have a few signature items that are synonymous with enjoying time at THE pearl.

A scent, a taste and the warmth of the spa all available to bring home. Whether it’s to bring back the memory of their last spa day, a special celebration you had here together or to start them on their wellness journey before they use their gift card you just purchased for them at our Holiday Soiree! It all begins with the smell of our signature scent, Red Flower’s Icelandic Moonflower, the warm Bucky Neck Wrap that immediately softens tense shoulders or the Tea Forte tea that will infuse you with relaxation as well as anti-oxidants…ahhh….welcome to THE pearl.

And last but certainly not least…

I may be slightly biased, but giving the gift of wellness and relaxation has got to be one of the most generous things one can do. AND you can purchase our gift card in our boutique OR easily online as well!

I hope this list helps you to find mindful gifts for the people you appreciate this time of year. We invite you into our boutique where one of our spa professionals would enjoy assisting you with all of your gift giving needs. J

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