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red flower icelandic moonflower purifying body wash

red flower icelandic moonflower purifying body wash


10 oz




make the daily cleanse more positive with red flower's Icelandic Moonflower Purifying Body Wash.


boosted with potent certified organic fruit, flower and leaf healing extract.  this concentrated extract is a blend of certified organic cucumber, apple, chamomile, green tea, ginger and aloe vera that stimulates, repairs and vitalizes, leaving skin energized and toned.


whole essential oils delicately scent the skin to deeply cleanse without drying. wash with this hydrating blend of omega-6, vitamin and nutrient-rich,  to naturally rejuvenate the skin, providing a long-lasting healthy softness.

Icelandic Moonflower has been a part of THE pearl since the day we opened our doors. It's magical scent has found it's way into every space and every room, and we couldn't love it more.

essential oil blend: river flower and moonflower fragrance oils and whole essential oils of rose absolute, sandalwood, clove bud, palmarosa, lavender and armoise.

aromatherapy: the scent can induce euphoria as well as treat headaches, asthma and insomnia

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