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sprayology party relief

sprayology party relief


Relieves symptoms of alcohol-related discomfort and hangovers including:

  • headache and dehydration
  • upset stomach/nausea
  • sluggish feeling
  • liver toxicity

Recommended for: those who want homeopathic relief from the
side effects of alcohol consumption.

1.4oz | 44mL

FDA  regulated homeopathic spray provides temporarily relief from alcohol related discomfort. 

Headache and Dehydration                                                            Arsenicum album - For feelings of exhaustion and restlessness; eases unquenchable thirst; and treats dehydration.                                        Bryonia (White bryony)- Relieves excessive thirst combined with dry mouth; eases dehydration; treats delirium, nausea and faintness upon rising.                                                                                                  Carbo an (Animal charcoal) - For a desire to be alone and helps ease headaches.                                                                                              Kali iod (Potassium Iodine) - For melancholy feelings, headaches and acute thirst.                                                                                              Radium brom (Radium bromide) - For feelings of tiredness; eases feelings of vertigo; relief for dryness of mouth.

Upset Stomach/Nausea                                                              Chelidonium maj (Chel) - Eases feelings of general lethargy; eases nausea.                                                                                              Thuja occ (Tree of Life) - Treats a loss of appetite; eases emotional sensitiveness and a tendency to weep                                                    Taraxacum - For feelings of chilliness after drinking; treats nausea (with inclination to vomit).

Sluggish Feeling                                                                                Avena (Oats) - For sluggishness and sexual incapacity from excessive alcohol intake.                                                                                         Capsicum (Red pepper) - For the sluggish and feeble digestion of alcoholics; treats a weak reactive force.

Liver Toxicity                                                                                            Carduus mar (St. Mary’s Thistle) - For abuse of alcoholic beverages, especially beer; and helps to protect the liver.                                            Lapis Albus- For occasional incidences of glandular swelling and lymphatics.                                                                                        Hepar suis 6X - Promotes healthy liver function; supports the detoxification process.

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