seasonal spotlight | purify

september 1 - november 30

Our purify treatment series has been carefully cultivated to help you let go of built-up toxins, dull skin, and stagnant energy, allowing you to renourish and revitalize the body, mind, and spirit.


Using nature's most nurturing ingredients, each treatment will assist you in releasing deep patterns and feelings and protect you from others' energy while restoring radiant energy, sparkly warmth, and enhanced immune system.

a flower essence enhanced treatment series

Our seasonal flower essence blend revitalizes and strengthens your natural energy,  while gently purifying your thoughts, feelings and body.

THE wellness massage

60 minutes | $155
75 minutes | $ 180

relax the body

nourish the soul

harmonize inside + out

THE correcting detox facial

60 minutes | $140

detoxify + cleanse

release the radiance

explore the senses 

THE pumpkin blossom pedicure

60 minutes | $85

tantalize THE senses
exfoliate + refresh
discover warming radiance