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Finding Calm Among The Rush

No matter what holiday you celebrate, even if you don’t celebrate at all, you are certain to be caught up in the chaos that sometimes surrounds holidays that are meant to be joyous. The more calm and serenity you find around these times, the more you are able to truly spread the magical spirit of the season.

Use one or all of the tips below to help you hold onto that holiday spirit:

Choose Calm

Actively choose to not let the chaos consume you. Every time you feel overwhelmed or feel that anxiety start to sneak up on you. Choose calm.

Say No

This one is tough. I’ve started to practice this in my everyday life. Don’t say yes to invitations that over-commit your time or that you really have no interest in. Politely declining an invitation is OK. Let’s say it together now: Politely declining an invitation is OK.


Exercise affects a neurotransmitter that has an antidepressant-like effect on your brain while helping to decrease muscle tension. Hello endorphins!

Spend Time in Nature

Connecting with nature allows us to see magic in the simplest forms. Even five minutes in nature can help reduce stress and boost your mood, helping you to relax.

Make Time for Activities You Enjoy

Be sure to leave time for the holiday activities you love most, whether it’s caroling, decorating your tree or home, baking or writing holiday cards.

Stay Positive

Those who are optimistic have an easier time dealing with stress, and are more inclined to open themselves up for opportunities to have positive + joyous experiences. Hey now, that egg nog glass looks half full!

Take Breaks

Taking even 10 minutes to sit quietly and shut out the chaos around you can trigger your relaxation response. Meditating during these breaks can help you to decrease feelings of stress and anxiety even more.

Be Present

Turn off your racing mind and simply focus on only the task at hand. Avoid worrying about what gifts you never got around to purchasing, the recipe you messed up, or the cousin that makes a scene at every holiday party. There’s likely nothing you can do about these things, so let them go.

If you have trouble shutting out such thoughts, jot them down on a piece of paper to help clear your mind.

Take Care of You…You Deserve It!

Try a massage, a hot bath, mini-relaxations, or a quick walk to ease tension. Be sure you’re eating right, sleeping well and laughing often. Laughing is key. So is self-care.

Focus on Thankfulness + Be Grateful

Focus on what you’re grateful for. Keep a gratitude journal and write down why you’re grateful each day. (This practice is life-changing, I promise!)

Focus on what you do have this holiday season instead of what you don’t.

Merry Everything and Happy Always...

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