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Atone Yourself: The Magical Powers of Toner

Toner is an important part of your Summer skin care routine.

I begrudgingly admit - I haven’t always thought that toners were the most important. If I was going to spend my money on skin care it was going to be the superstars, like an eye cream or a good moisturizer.

Come to find out, I was doing myself a disservice. Once I found the toner that worked for me I quickly learned that my toner actually was the SUPERSTAR! Go figure.

Toners are a multitasking step in your routine that can address or even solve many of your skin care concerns.

Brighten + Tone

The proper toner can prevent ingrown hairs

Many toners have active ingredients that actively help to fade dark spots and even skin tone.

Buh-bye Ingrowns

Toners containing glycolic or other alpha hydroxy acids can help to prevent ingrown hairs, so it also aids in grooming.

pH Balance

Our skin is naturally acidic, normally with a pH balance of between five and six. After cleansing, due to the alkaline nature of some cleansers, the pH balance of skin gets disturbed. When this happens your skin needs to work overtime to restore the balance (and that may result in oil), but using a toner helps to restore this balance quickly.

Hydration Station

Toners are excellent hydrators and help set your make up

Some toners are humectants, which means that they help to bind moisture to the skin. Also infusing your skin with beneficial ingredients such as Neroli or Rose both great for calming skin and spirit.infusing

Makeup Setting

Spritz hydrating toners/mists over makeup after applying to set your whole look, hydrate skin and give a natural glow.

Exfoliation Equation

The modern toner has ingredients like enzymes or acids that will help to loosen or completely remove that dead layer of skin that accumulates over time. Smoothing the skin and making it absorb other active ingredients in serums or moisturizers more readily.


Here are some of our favorites:

THE pearl's favorite facial toners

An exfoliator, skin hydrator and collagen booster all in one. Rich in probiotics and lactic acid this self-preserving refiner breaks down dead skin cells, helping to improve cellular turnover as it refines the skin and reveals an improved texture. The lactic acid also helps improve the natural moisturizing factors within the skin, while helping to stimulate collagen production and promote a more hydrated, moisturized and plump complexion.

This toner/mist is mildly astringent and anti-inflammatory. Rich in antioxidants and vitamin c, this calming hydrosol blend of rose damascena and revitalizing lavender, refreshes and protects the skin to encourage cellular renewal. Combined with revitalizing birch whole essential oil that works to relax muscles and reduce inflammation.

Floral water from the essence of Bitter Orange Blossom refreshes, oxygenates and hydrates skin as its iconic aroma delights the spirit.

Water-based, mild astringent toner removes impurities, tightens pores and controls oil production without stripping or drying. Skin is left balanced, refreshed and refined.

Pro Tips

Mix up the way you use your toner, make it work for you!

  1. Store in the refrigerator for an extra boost of refreshment

  2. Ease into relaxation by applying to a hot towel and compressing over the face

  3. Always carry a hydrating toner while traveling or in dry climates to mist for instant hydration + rejuvenation

Enjoy great savings on any toner this summer at THE pearl!

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