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You Already Know...How To Unlock Your Knowing And Start Flowing

Tap into your intuition for some serious guidance

It’s that gut feeling.

The goosebumps you get when you subconsciously know you’re in the right place at the right time.

The lightness you feel when you’re in your groove.

Alternatively, it’s the anxious feeling when something is amiss or not for you.

You’ve felt these subtleties before - trust me. For some reason though, we often ignore them.

you are your guiding light

The reality is that the only guidance system needed to assist us in living our best life is the wisdom held within our own natural intuition. When we get quiet enough to hone in, it can lead us to the choices, ideas and innovations that will guide us towards what is truly in our best interest and help us create our authentic lives. Guys, we have our own inner compass.

Honing your intuition is becoming a master at your own inner arts.

Become an Observer

observation creates opportunites

Highly intuitive people are always aware of their surroundings. Slow down and notice the small things that others deem unimportant. Practice the art of being more alert and focused, paying attention to details. Listening to others is also a big part of being an observer. Listen keenly first and then act or respond. You will begin to see that the people that do this often seem prepared and can even avoid certain circumstances by trusting their intuition. Things will begin to flow more smoothly and you may start to notice more synchronicity.

Listen to Your Inner Voice

you have always known the answers

“Go with your gut-feeling”. This seems like something your mother would tell you before an uncomfortable situation. However, highly intuitive people practice this mantra on a daily basis. Not only do they believe it, they act on it. Learning to listen to your inner voice will begin your journey to being more intuitive. Intuition is like a muscle - the more you listen to it, the stronger it gets. Begin to trust your intuition, as it is seldom wrong.


empathy and compassion are keys to wisdom

Open your mind by finding awareness of other people’s feelings; place yourself in someone else’s shoes. Even if you don’t completely understand another’s situation, you can still hold space for them or connect with compassion. Our capacity to connect with people sincerely, by being warm, honest and genuine helps us to build trust with others.

Tune into YOU

Listen to your soul

Make downtime a priority. During ’me-time’ reflect on your feelings or simply give your brain time to rest. Disconnecting from things such as media, electronic devices and yes even other humans will help you to de-stress and take on life with a positive attitude.

Let In, Let Go, Let Be

Letting go is key towards progression

Holding onto anger, resentment and negative feelings has never done anyone good. Practice letting go of these negative feelings that only intoxicate the mind, body and soul. Letting in to let go or let be means that one should soften. Soften your hard edges.

For crying-out loud: Forgive others for their mistakes or their so-called shortcomings! Forget things that happened in the past and start to focus on the future!

Though letting go is a slow process, the inner voice or intuition can be much better heard without negativity clouding the scene.

Interested in honing your intuition further?

Join us:

Join us and embrace your intuition

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