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Spring Cleaning: BODY

It’s that time of year again. When it seems that all everyone is talking about the latest “get skinny quick diet”. I cringe slightly when I hear the word diet. Personally, I believe that a realistic goal for shedding weight should come in the form of healthier habits, rather than a temporary crash diet. These habits can be customized to you specifically and what YOUR body needs. As opposed to a trendy diet that if you really think about it – isn’t a cure all for everyone, even if it works for a few. These new habits can then be incorporated into your daily routine to produce a healthier, happier version of yourself, all year long.

I know, I know, these things are easier said than done. Especially after this long Winter – I know I’m having a hard time not still eating my favorite wintertime comfort foods.

It’s difficult to commit to any type of change, much less drastic lifestyle changes. Most of the time, extreme change is quickly followed by extreme defiance. And while some people have unwavering willpower, most of us are a little weak in that area. I’ve found that a change in habit, for those of us who cringe at the phrase "cold turkey", has to be enjoyable. This is a major factor in staying committed. You have to find pleasure and enjoyment in the process. If it (quite frankly) sucks, you won’t keep it up. I know I won’t.

What's the answer? Baby steps.

Start forming those healthier habits one at a time, and make them enjoyable...

Get Off the Scale

I’m not suggesting that you never weigh yourself again, but rather stop the obsession with that number you see.

Take a break for a while. Start gauging how you physically and mentally feel now and how you would like to feel in a week, a month, by next year.

Once you feel more in tune, then use the scale as a tool.

Kick Start Your Body's Cleansing Process

These systems can slow down for a variety of reasons - lack of regular exercise, too little fluids or fiber in the diet, basically if you haven’t been taking the best care of yourself.

There are several ways you can get your body back on track. Massage, deep breathing and yoga are great options to jumpstart your circulatory, digestive and lymph systems.

Make A Plan

Along with making big changes enjoyable, you also have to be somewhat organized or at least have a game plan to be successful. Here a few tips:

  • Get yourself a journal, calendar or both.

  • Choose a starting date and then also a planning day. Use the planning day for food prep, shopping etc.

  • Write down your goals and outline your plan. What will you incorporate into your life? What will you be letting go? What are the small steps you’ll need to take to get there? How can you make this change enjoyable? Fun?

This for That

I find that when I’m trying to make a change in my life it’s easier if I find healthy substitutes for my bad habits. For example, if I want to spend less time on social media, I replace it with a great book. If I’m cutting out sugar or sweet snacks, I find healthier recipes that will satisfy that craving. Is your weakness pizza? Maybe try a recipe for cauliflower crust.

THE Whole Truth

Finally, make sure you eat whole organic foods, which have the best chance of having all the nutrients needed for liver and general detoxification.

You're also more likely to shed weight (If that’s your goal), feel better physically and mentally if you’re eating real food instead of processed.


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