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THE gathering :: discovering the vendors

Following THE gathering on May 5, I knew one thing - I need to know more about these practitioners! And so do you.

Spend any amount of time at THE pearl and your bound to run into, speak with or have a treatment from a therapist or technician that is deeply invested and passionate about what they do. Therefore it's extremely exciting to meet another group of individuals who are really doing their thing - out there helping people in so many diverse ways.

Below I asked each of them a few questions that would really get you in touch with their mission, in their own words.

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Christina Lee

Lunch Notes

What is the inspiration behind Lunch Notes?

The inspiration for Lunch Notes came from the realization that so many women felt that they were alone in their struggles. I found that in a world that we overshare baby pictures and puppy pictures, there is often a silence and a void that creeps in...Read More

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Megan Corey

Lunch Notes + Nutrition and Health Coach

What led you to the wellness industry? Why Nutrition and Health Coaching?

I've been passionate about health and wellness my entire life. I was a college athlete and understood the importance of being active and the importance of discipline as it relates to health. Although I've always been active and placed a significant emphasis on exercise, I wasn't truly placing the same priority on nutrition or sleep. Being a working mom really challenged me to find the balance between work, raising a family and my overall well-being...Read More

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Linda Furiate

Astrologer, Writer, Mentor, Advocate for person’s living with cervical dystonia, low vision and blindness. Astrology specialties include, natal chart interpretation, relationship compatibility, plus uncovering addictive behaviors and how to alter the cycle.

What led you the wellness industry? Why Astrology?

In 1995 I was involved in a car accident. Shortly thereafter I began to experience severe muscle spasms and uncontrollable movement that caused my upper body and neck to twist. I was soon diagnosed with a neurological movement disorder called cervical dystonia. In the early days, I spent every waking moment researching the anatomy of the neck/body and visited numerous holistic healers, acupuncturists and physical therapists. With the dystonia, I felt as though my body was being influenced by something beyond my control. Most of the modalities I experienced to treat the dystonia were comforting, yet ineffective in eliminating the uncontrollable movement. Around that same time, I was just learning about astrology...Read More.

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Pamela Holland-Hynes

Peaceful Space

What led you to the wellness industry? Why Reiki?

My best friend from middle school and I started our journey about 5 years ago, looking into different adventures in career changes in the wellness industry. We noticed that when we were together we would seek out ways to spend our free time together in wellness centers, salt caves, spa's, nature or holistic festivals...Read More

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Joseph Adams

Joseph Adams healing

What led you to your modalities of energetic healing? ​Tell me more about you and your journey!

Well my natural gift blossomed from a couple different experiences. The first was an out of body experience that was in fact my awakening to a higher calling. After lucid dreaming for 7 years an attempt happen to catalyze an out of body experience which seemingly secured me to a process of evolution. An evolution of our minds. This just became very clear about how our minds are evolving but more importantly how to explain it in a tangible way....Read More

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Galley Saleh


What led you to Henna?

I began playing with henna as a young girl around the age of 12. My mother originally from Afghanistan used to decorate my hands on special occasions, with a traditional circular design. I found the circles to be boring, so she encouraged me to start making my own henna designs. Henna has been a part of my life at every milestone from childhood to high school and through my college years and now adult life. I am a self-taught henna artist and 16 years later, now a henna pro...Read More

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Andrea Frangioni

Divine Crystalinity


What led you to the magical world of crystals? Tell me why this is your passion!

I have been attracted to crystals for as long as I can remember, as I grew up spending a lot of time in my Mom's metaphysical store in Baltimore, MD. I was always drawn to crystals while growing up but was never super familiar with how powerful their healing properties are. As I started to learn more about the metaphysical properties, their beauty became even more prominent to me...Read Me

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Donna Koczaja


​What led you to the wellness industry? Why Herbal Medicine?

This is a great question. Honestly I came to it a little by happy accident. I'm originally trained as a mechanical engineer (which is still my 'day job'), and several years ago I was feeling antsy as to where I was going in life. I had become a Maryland Master Gardener in 2006, and I had a keen interest in taking care of oneself and self-sufficiency. By happenstance, the Maryland University of Integrative Health (MUIH, formerly Tai Sophia Institute) was just across the street from where I work, where I discovered their Herbal Medicine program...Read More

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India Minor

Aligned in Healing

What led you to the wellness industry and to reiki/energy work?

I was led to the wellness industry just like anyone else: curiosity. Like others I've wondered what else is there to life than eat, sleep, work, repeat. I've always known I was different, but couldn't put my finger on it until I started getting readings. I really hate titles but I know what I am: intuitive, empath...Read More

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