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Thanks Mom

Moms...who else can give us so much love, attention and encouragement without ever expecting something in return? Mom's are the unsung heroes that make this world go round all day, every day.

To celebrate mom's both near and far, our team of pearls would like to take a moment to give a little thanks to our own moms. And as we celebrate the women who have nurtured and cared for us with flowers and gifts, don't forget to say thanks!

Lauren Merrill, Aesthetician

I am so thankful for my mom's constant love and support! She touches so many lives and continually shows me what life is all about. I love you!

-Lauren Merrill


Alex August, Event Coordinator

My mom is my rock, shoulder to cry on, voice of reason, and my best friend. She has truly taught me how to be a strong woman and a confident mom to my little one! I Love you! Happy Mother's day!

-Alex August


Stacy Forde, Aesthetician

My mom:

She was unstoppable not because she had failures or doubts; but because she continued to despite them.

-Stacy Forde


Beth Dickerson, Spa Manager

I am grateful to have a generous mother who never judges me or criticizes me. If it wasn't for her pushing me out of my comfort zone during my younger years I wouldn't have turned into the go-getter I am today achieving my goals. I am also grateful for my mother-in-law for always supporting and encouraging me to be the best mother that I can be. I love you both!

-Beth Dickerson


Liliana Collins

My mom is my go-to person when i need help, advice, or just a hug. She's always there when i need her!

-Liliana Collins


Leah Poe

My mother is and always will be my rock. Her love, support, and the ability to always know the right words to say in my most trying times has helped me become the woman I am today. Her strong sense of family and making sure we knew how important our place in this world is, has made me the mother I am today. If I am half the mother that she is then I feel that I have accomplished it all. Thank you mom! Xoxo

-Leah Poe


My Mom has always been an unconditional source of empathy, strength, kindness and love to everyone around her, but especially to her family. She gifted these qualities to her children, while patiently and bravely raising us. I am so thankful to have my mother as my mom, and would never have it any other way.

- Bianca McDonnell


Larraine Webb, Massage Therapist

I am grateful for the creative spirit and thrust for knowledge my mother past on to me! She can make something crafty out of anything. She is sweet, kind, unassuming and resultant. She has had to survive many hardships and still looks for ways to help others. Thank you mom for your positive example and influence you have had in making me the women I am today!

-Larraine Webb


Christine Mowad

I'm so thankful to have a loving and supportive mother!!

-Christine Mowad


Mary Herman, Assistant Spa Director

My mom, my sweet, understanding, strong-willed mommy. I'm so grateful for the bond that we share and even more grateful knowing that I have a best friend that I can count on for anything. I love you!

-Mary Herman


Shelly Horton, Massage Therapist

Maryline aka sweet tea is a woman of many talents. I could list off all of the reasons as to why my mom is the greatest woman I will ever know of course. Not just because she is my mom but I really do love her with all of my heart. Although we never got along while I was growing up, I look back at how many times my mom has "I love you" even during our hardest times. Thank you for showing me how to value myself as a woman and being strong when times are hard. "Don't hold any grudges or be angry all the time. How can you enjoy life when you are angry. Smile, love and have fun in life, that is what it is all about."

-Shelly Horton


Tiah Fenwick

I will be forever grateful for the blessing of my mom! Your example to overcome is admiral and your dedication to change has inspired me. Your unconditional love in an unconventional method has taught me to think outside the box in raising my daughter. Thank you mommy for the lessons you continue to teach just from being you, you're appreciated:)

-Tiah Fenwick


Ellen Consoli, Massage Therapist

Jane Doyle is the most Extraordinary Woman in my world! Caring, loving, and warm; she is elegant, efficient, my first teacher, and as I have become and adult a friend. She has taught me how to sew, cook, fill a dishwasher properly (we kid her about her OCD,) and how to be good mother to her 3 grandchildren. She was my softball coach, stern disciplinarian (as needed) and inspiration in my studies. And I WISH I had her MAD organizational skills!! She commuted for almost 30 years to Crystal City VA from the suburbs of MD for her job with the Navy. I have seen her face sadness and fear with a strength that has been born of facing her own mother's passing at too early of an age. I hope I am at least half the woman she is.

-Ellen Consoli


Lindsay Houghton, Social Media Director

Recently I've been thinking about the saying “A good parent will give you roots and wings”. My mother seems to have embraced this naturally, organically…. I think because her roots, this families roots are old and wise. The roots she has given are strong, solid and planted in soil that is rich with all the minerals needed to thrive. Because of this when I matured and was able fly, the wings that sprouted were agile enough to take me to faraway lands and amazing places. The resin of these roots intertwined in my wings…so that they always knew the way back home.

This magical gardener that is my mother… is everything.

-Lindsay Houghton


My Mother is the strongest person I have ever known. She has taught me the true meaning of unconditional love, there is nothing that she wouldn’t do for the people that she cares about, and even strangers! Since I was a child she has been and remains my “google”. She is the first person I call when I don’t know what to do in any situation: my finances, cooking, caring for my children, etc. I can always count on her for answers, wisdom and support. From a young age she instilled in me the value of hard work and dedication and I owe my current success and happiness both professionally and personally to her. I don’t know what I would do without her, she is truly my rock and my best friend.

-Sharon Schmitz


Mom, the gifts you have given me are endless. You've taught me that the most sacred moments occur when we are giving and serving others. You showed me how to see the very best in others, because everyone has a light that needs to shine. I have watched you stand up and be strong for those who are not able to do so for themselves. And I have witnessed your ability to be humble and honest with yourself and to others. I have inherited your creative spirit, your hospitable nature and your vivacious personality. And above all, you have taught me that my destiny is in God's hands and I should trust the path. I love you Momma!

And to my second mom, my mother in-law, your gifts are immeasurable. You are the most thoughtful, patient and supportive woman I know. You constantly put your family's needs before your own without hesitation, and you never ask for a thing in return. The endless kindness and generosity that you constantly give us all are truly cherished. I am grateful beyond words....I love you Mom B!

-Kassi Buscher


And to all the mom's we know and love...

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