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A Balancing Act: Spring to Summer Skincare

The Spring to Summer transition may seem easy breezy, but when it comes to your skin's health, the transition can produce a puzzling imbalance. Because we are all creatures of nature, we are affected by the changes that new seasons bring. This means it may be time to re-examine your skincare routine.


Balanced Blunder

Adjustments in a skin care routine should reflect the individual skin type. While some skin will seem to significantly ramp up oil production as the weather turns warm, this is not universal. Some people have dry skin year round and therefore will adjust their product regime less drastically as the months pass by. Others may experience reactive skin due to seasonal allergies, pH balance or hormonal fluctuations.

Quite often,a complexion that is misbehaving is experiencing an unbalanced pH. An unstable pH suggests that your skin’s barrier is damaged and in need of repair. Exposing your skin to the elements, your age, your dietary choices and the seasonal changes exacerbate everything from clogged pores to eczema. To correct this, you'll want to bring your skin’s barrier function back into an optimal state of balance, where it effectively absorbs hydration and repels irritants. This sweet state starts with cultivating a healthy pH level.


Take Action

Get your pH level back in balance with the following seasonal skincare tips:

Switch To a Gel or Foaming Cleanser. Be careful to avoid any harsh soaps that are too alkaline that will completely strip your skin. Best to find a cleanser that is slightly acidic similar to your skin.

Change To a Lightweight Moisturizer. Depending on the serum you've been using sometimes you can simply drop the heavy winter moisturizer and just use the serum. Experiment and see how your skin feels.

Add a Treatment Mask. Adding a clay or a mud mask to absorb excess oils or a soothing aloe gel mask if you plan on spending time in the sun. Having both in your medicine cabinet is ideal for this time of year. Use once or twice a week for best results

Replace Your Cosmetics. Instead of a heavy foundation switch to a tinted moisturizer or a lightweight mineral powder. They both provide lightweight coverage without spending too much time on application.

Add Internal Balance. Adding a homeopathic or other internal remedies that work from the inside out will ease seasonal issues. Typically, if your skin is imbalanced it’s because something internal is sending you a message.

As always, we recommend consulting with a skin care professional that will assist in creating a year round wellness plan that keeps you and your skin healthy throughout each season.

Before you know it, the busy summer months full of vacations, cookouts and other outdoor activities will be in full swing…take some time now to get your skin balanced and beautiful so you can focus more on the joys of summer!



I've been using an incredible internal remedy for reducing inflammation, hormone and pH balancing, and improving circulation. Turmeric! I’m sure you've been hearing more and more about this healing remedy. I've included a recipe that I've been drinking every evening and my skin is glowing!

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