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How To Bring Adventure To Your Summer

Ready,... Set..., Go

Adventure Awaits In Your Own Backyard

I saw that entry in your journal. Yes, the journal from this past Winter that said “I want more adventure in my life”. And then in the Spring you created that action plan, listed all the things you wanted to do, how, where and when. Well it’s time to slip on those never been worn river walkers and get your booty in gear! All you need is a starting point.

Summer Fun

One of my favorite things about the Maryland/DC area is that we have access to an array of activities within a short drive. I've listed some of my favorites and a few that are on my list of things to do this summer.



There are so many unique water destinations to cool off at throughout Maryland. From the Bay to the ocean, and the many lakes, rivers and marshes in between,there’s something for everyone! For more information, follow the link provided in within the company's name.

photo by FloYo Fit

Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP) Tours: Capital SUP and Potomac Paddlesports

SUP Yoga: FloYo Fitness

Tubing, White Water Rafting, Ziplining: Harpers Ferry Adventure Center

Surfing: Wave Riding School in Ocean City, MD


Grab Some Maryland Farmers' Market Fare

From early spring to late fall, you'll find scores of farmers markets throughout Maryland.Enjoy fresh produce, locally made cheeses, and unusual culinary curiosities, as well as flowers, crafts and gifts.

A few of my favorites in Baltimore: Waverly Market and Fell’s Point Farmers Market.

DC: Dupont Circle Farmer’s Market and Mt. Vernon Triangle Farmer’s Market

Right here in the Maple Lawn community (Westside Blvd), you can visit your neighborhood farmers

every Saturday morning at farmer’s market!

For a complete list of Farmers Markets in Maryland, as well as addresses and times, visit the Maryland's Farmers Market website.


State Parks

There are so many beautiful state parks in the Maryland/Virginia area that I don't even know where to begin!

  • Swallow falls

  • Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge

  • Cunningham Falls State Park

  • Patapsco Valley State park

  • Great Falls park

Take advantage of these great natural wonders that are only a short car ride away! At these parks and several others, you can enjoy camping, hiking, picnicking, fishing, biking, kayaking, swimming and more!

Click here for a list of Maryland State Parks

Click here for a list of Virginia State Parks


Dance Party

Sick of the gym and the same ole boring routines? How about starting your day with a dance party?

While this may seem a bit "out there", it's the perfect remedy for those who are seeking new adventures. I have yet to try this but it’s on my list and I have heard so much about it lately that you may just see me at this next event.

DAYBREAKER DC // Bermuda Beach Party

Wed, Jul 20, 2016 at 6:00 AM - Washington, DC

WHAT IS DAYBREAKER? At Daybreaker, they dance their faces off before work and feel gloriously healthy while doing so. They gather in community to participate in something greater than themselves. Daybreaker is about choosing to live life differently, choosing to be happy, and choosing to pursue the best versions of ourselves. Ummm…I’m in! See you on the dance floor.


Outdoor Movies

What’s better (and cheaper) than packing a blanket, some homemade popcorn, your favorite Wei of Chocolate flavor and heading out to watch a classic film under the stars?! Check out this website for a listing of outdoor movies in the DC, Maryland,Virginia area. For the Baltimore area, click here


Wellness Retreats and Adult camps

Lately, I've found myself yearning for a different kind of getaway. I've worked so hard on my wellness that the thought of a vacation filled with greasy food and sugar filled Pina Coladas isn't as appealing as it used to be. Visions of hiking, yoga, foraging for flowers and meals full of fruits and veggies dance through my head. That’s where my search started. Where it ends…well…you'll have to keep reading…because I've yet to find exactly what I’m looking for. What I really want is camping, pearl style! The search is on and my discoveries will be revealed...

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