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Giving Thanks

A Note To All Who Have Ever Entered Our Doors,

When you decide, on a whim, to open a 12,000 square foot day spa in an area that no one has ever heard of, it becomes quite tempting to allow fear and doubt consume you. I could probably write a book about the series of unfortunate events that have unfolded through the almost eleven years, that's for sure. But if I were to actually sit down and write that book someday, there is only one title that would be appropriate: Gratitude.

It is our only secret weapon, for those who have ever wondered how we have continued to be successful, despite the many logical reasons why our doors should not have remained opened for this long. Every single day, 365 days a year, we start our day being grateful that we, THE pearls, have the opportunity to help others realize how special they are. Some days are easier than others, the most beautiful days, however, are often disguised as the most challenging. Those are the days when the magic really happens, because those are the days when we give and do more than we ever thought possible.

So, today, I would like to give thanks.


To Every Beautiful, Magical Pearl: Past, Present and Future,

Thank you. Thank you for being you. Thank you for your countless hours of selflessness, for your dedication to helping others before you helping yourself and for treating each and every person that has walked through our doors with respect and compassion. Thank you for rising above the challenges and going above and beyond, not because you were asked to, but because it was the right thing to do. Thank you for your good days and your bad days, your learning curves and your mastery. Thank you for embracing our core purpose and values and for helping them flourish. Thank you for taking a chance and allowing us to take chances. No matter how long your pearl legacy is or what you "position" may be, YOU have made a difference in this world. You are beautiful from the inside out and my love is unconditional.


To Our Partners in Wellness and Beauty,

I love you. I love every single thing about what you stand for. The passion and dedication that each and every one of you have motivates us to be our best everyday. Thank you for never taking the easy way out. Thank you for sharing your messages through products that you make. Thank you for treating your teams with respect and dignity so that they, in turn, treat others the same way. Thank you for your ripple effects and your magical moments, they truly transcend more than you may know. Thank you for your late nights, your hard work and your high standards, I assure you they are never in vain. Thank you for keeping this industry kind and loving, it would be so easy not to. And thank you for always, no matter what, standing by our side.


And last, but most certainly not least...

To Our Extraordinary Members, Clients and Customers,

The gratitude I feel is immeasurable. Thank you, each and every one of you, for letting us into your life. Thank you for allowing us to serve you, help you and heal you, as we have also been served, helped and healed by you. Thank you for second, third and fourth chances and for allowing us to grow. Thank you for spreading and sharing THE pearl with your family and friends. Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your most special celebrations: birthdays, anniversaries, holidays and friendships. And thank you for allowing us the honor of helping you through your most profound moments too, illness, grief, loss and pain. Thank you for helping us keep our doors open for the past 11 years, for allowing us to be a part of your wellness journey and for believing in the power of THE pearl. Most importantly, thank you for sharing your beauty and your light with all of us.


And To Everyone Who Somehow Finds This Post:

Be grateful. Every day. To every person, place and circumstance. There is immense power and freedom hidden inside a grateful heart.

with love and gratitude


Please take a moment to watch GRATITUDE by Louie Schwartzberg,, it's just beautiful.

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