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Transitions: Winter to Spring

Contemplation to conceptualizing, planning to doing.

Cold to not so cold, frozen to thawing.

We awaken slowly like a hibernating bear, shaking off stagnant energy. The Winter frost melting, making way for movement and a stretching of our limbs. Days here and there of unexpected warmth spark ambition to start new projects. The reality being, that the introspective and inward phase of the year is coming to a close.

This transitional time of year allows for us to tie together loose ends when it comes to our blueprint for the rest of the year. These “in between” days are for preparing your next step…for planting the seeds of your ideas and goals and then encouraging them to sprout and gain momentum for the Springtime.

While winter was a time to conserve energy and reduce activity, Spring is a time of regeneration, new beginnings, and a renewal of spirit.

Finding our balance through times of transition can sometimes cause frustration or stress. Before Spring is fully upon us, now is a good time to work with these blockages, and get things moving so that you have access to all that great energy when you need it.

Start slow, start to feel at harmony with nature as it too is waking up from the quietness of Winter. Let nature be your guide.

  1. Rest at night so that you can begin to wake up earlier.

  2. Take walks in budding gardens and forests, let your hair down and indulge in the leisurely feeling of a morning stroll, take in the sights of nature.

  3. Change up your self-care regimen to reflect the change in seasons, bring more vibrant energy into your rituals.

  4. Add a few more greens, legumes, nuts and seeds to your diet.

  5. Mint tea with honey is a great way to still hold onto warmth while there’s still a chill in the air, yet the mint will keep your energy flow up.


It is the long awaited change of winter to spring. Seeds sprout, flowers bloom, and the sun warms the earth. There is a sense of renewal and new life all around!

So…open up your heart, shake the Winter out of your bones and encourage that energy to flow…

Here’s a playlist to get you moving:

Winter to Spring, a sense of renewal and new life is all around. Let your energy flow

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