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Seven Wellness Trends: Spring 2017

Alternative therapies go mainstream

It is about darn time.

We, of course, couldn’t be happier about this - we’re in the business of alternative therapy! Now, one wouldn’t call massages and facials alternative therapies…ANYMORE…but there was a time when people looked at spa services as a luxury. That mindset has evolved. More and more people are looking to take a natural approach to issues such as stress, pain, depression/anxiety and recovery. Acceptance for things like yoga, meditation, cupping, reiki and homeopathy, among others continues to grow, too. This summer, everyone was interested when Olympian Michael Phelps’ shared his cupping recovery session. People are eager to explore therapies like energy healing, acupuncture and herbal medicine. And even old school corporations are using spiritual advisors! Yessss. The world around us is intense and these “alternative” therapies are actually helping people to get back to their center.

I guess intense times call for some serious magic.

Mindful eating gets trendy

Anti-inflammatory spices, plant proteins, edible oils…the list goes on.

I don’t know when this started happening but foods and spices have started becoming trendy. Turmeric literally has its own Instagram page.

Consumers want what’s good for them. Superfoods are one of the most notable trends of recent years, with various items gaining 'superfood' status at one time or another and therefore having a spot in the limelight.

The first time I really noticed a health food trend go viral was with acai, and now has progressed onto coconut oil and turmeric and kale to name a few. Health trends are the most powerful food trends because people want to know: What should I be eating? Eat butter? Don’t eat butter? It can really drive you crazy!

All I know is if you haven’t heard of turmeric lattes, unicorn toast…yes I said unicorn, overnight oats and matcha everything…I don’t think we can be friends.*Just kidding we can, who else is going to eat the other half of my avotoast?


cannabis in beauty products to relieve and heal

I have recently been introduced to several wellness products that contain cannabis. One was a pain relieving topical cream, the other a delicious chocolate snack. These very legal products won’t make you high though - sorry! They use non-psychoactive extracts from the plant - most notably, cannabidiol or CBD. (The psychoactive THC content is also below the US legal limit of .03 percent.) CBD oil is made from hemp extract that contains anti-inflammatory cannabinoids.

“A growing body of scientific research shows CBD has the power to reduce anxiety + stress, lower inflammation, relax the body + mind, and subtly lift the mood,” explains Whitney Tingle of Sakara, which recently introduced CBD-oil chocolates to its line of superfood snacks.

If you take away the stereotype and all the hype (namely the THC) out of the cannabis equation it has a place in the wellness industry. Like it or not I think it may be here to stay. (Mostly because it won’t get off the couch or stop eating your homemade granola) <<< I got jokes.

Living with less

zero waste living is becoming mainstream

Marie Kondo’s book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, brought minimalism to the mainstream. Although it is not a new concept, the minimalist lifestyle is growing in popularity across the country. The movement has inspired people to move into tiny homes, cut their wardrobes and donate their possessions. The new generation would rather spend their money on experiences rather than material items.

Along with the minimalist lifestyle people are starting to think consciously about the amount of waste they produce.

Zero-waste living means aiming to reduce landfill-bound trash to the bare minimum - a worthy goal considering that a plastic bag could take up to 1,000 years to decompose in a landfill. If you went and looked through your trash right now, you’d probably find items that could be recycled, reused or repurposed. As you begin your zero-waste living journey, you’ll re-prioritize your shopping habits and reduce the amount of clutter and excessive packaging or goods you bring into your home in the first place. Whether you’re an experienced zero-waster or a beginner, there’s always something to learn or ways to improve.

Wellness travel

Women + men don’t want to go on a vacation that takes them away from their healthy approach to life anymore. What good are all those green juices and spin classes if you’re going to blow it all on Pina coladas and French fries.

More than anything lately they want inspiration, experience and actual real life strategies to bring this kind of wellness into their everyday lives. Without the distraction of to-do lists, families, and responsibilities these vacations are where we meet our true self, not try to escape from it.

Staying home is the new going out

For a generation that has coined terms like Netflix + Chill, staying in is definitely the new going out. Whether to decompress after a crazy work week or prevent early professional burnout, they’re getting cozy and getting down with a self-care mindset. Self-care searches are up 120%. While they’re chilling at home, their nesting, masking, and getting a good night’s sleep.

The Danish have a word for it: Hygge – a ritual where one can find enjoyment and comfort in life’s simple pleasures.

Shots Shots Shots…

…of ginger and wheat grass!

Healthy beverages have taken over and there’s no need to hold your nose as you sip.

If you head into any grocery store you're likely to see a lot of these and if not, they are easily a mouse-click away:

kombucha, bulletproof coffee, mushroom coffee, tonics, herbal teas, liquid collagen

What’s responsible for the functional beverages boom? More people are turning to ancient remedies for their modern maladies.

We are becoming educated about the importance of a long-term approach of beautifying and nourishing from within, versus short-term solutions.

Check out our blog about one of these amazing beverages: Collagen

The no makeup, makeup

no makeup makeup

Makeup-free enthusiasts are growing in number - the Instagram hashtag #nomakeup shows over 13 million fresh-faced beauties. Skin care sales are double that of makeup, indicating that more women prefer a glowing complexion to covering up.

It is refreshing and powerful to see women redefining beauty on their own terms. This no makeup trend seems to be symbolic of self-acceptance which is something I think we can all get on-board with.

This movement helps women to focus on what makes her most beautiful—her unique, gorgeous features.I know personally it has been a long road of getting comfortable in my own skin and also coming to a point in my life where I just want to simplify. No longer wanting to spend forever getting ready…I got more important things to do…like rule the world.

Everyone is going green

green living

One of the biggest health movements around? It’s all about clean beauty. I think years and years of telling people that they ingest on average about 4 pounds of lipstick in their lifetime and certain preservatives are possibly cancer causing literally scared the crap out of consumers.

People are now reading the labels on their beauty products, they’re scanning moisturizers for ingredients to avoid and seeing skin care as an extension of their health. Rightly so, as it’s your largest organ and an absorbing one at that, it’s important that we put thought into what we slather on it. What we put on our skin inevitably goes in our bloodstream and is distributed throughout our body. As a result of this awakening, chic, cleaner beauty products are becoming way more accessible.

And hopefully sometime within the near future the Personal Care Products Safety Act will be passed and will empower the Food & Drug Administration to evaluate skin-care ingredients for safety.

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