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Summer Skin Survival

Summer Fun In The Sun

Summer's almost here, and you know what that means: outdoor festivals, backyard barbecues, and days at the beach! With all the bright and sunny days finally arriving, it’s tempting to just rush right out and worship that sun as soon as it shows up. I’m right there with you – I’m literally writing this on a lounger in my backyard!

Unfortunately, there's nothing like a sunburn to put a damper on the fun, not to mention leave behind some pretty unsightly tan lines and damage.

When the beach beckons and the pool pulls you in, stay protected with all the right practices for a safe time in the summer sun.

Skin Saving Summer Fun

Sunscreen or covering up all together are obvious ways to start, but there’s so many more things you can do to boost your sun protection topically and internally. We've got the 10 best tips to keep your skin radiant no matter where the next few months take you. From exercise regimens to daily diet and skin care routines, here are the best ways to achieve healthy, glowing skin!


Choose your sunscreen wisely.

Choose Organic Sunscreens Like Coola

You already know that wearing sunscreen is the #1 rule of smart skin care, but its SPF number isn't the only thing that separates one formula from another. Only broad-spectrum sunscreens shield your skin against both UVA and UVB rays. Also, look for organic formulas that contain over 70% certified organic ingredients and with ingredients that are easily identified.

(Featured here and in our boutique is our Farm to Face sun care line Coola.)

Don't forget to reapply.

Even the best sunscreen in the world can't give you all day protection. To avoid gaps in coverage, experts recommend reapplying every two to three hours. More frequently if you are spending time in the water.

Eat your SPF

Eat Your SPF With These Natural Protectors

Yes – REALLY! Pack your diet and your beauty routine with antioxidants. Any source of antioxidants, from fresh berries to infused facial serums, will pack a powerful punch against sun damage. “A diet rich in antioxidants is nature’s internal skincare regime, helping to fight rogue free radicals and stabilize and repair cell damage,” says Carla Oates, founder of The Beauty Chef.

Also, load up on melons! Cantaloupe is the melon of choice for beautiful summer skin, according to Dr. Nicholas Perricone, dermatologist and expert on treating skin from within. “The sweet delicious fruit is rich in antioxidants and delivers a unique hydration to the skin, resulting in a radiant complexion.”

In addition, there's currently some evidence that oral intake of vitamins C and E together can limit potential for sunburn. A salad with vitamin C rich citrus, berries, tomato, and vitamin E rich nuts is an ideal SPF meal.

(Try The Beauty Chef’s ANTIOXIDANT inner beauty boost, featured in THE pearl boutique)

Get your glow on.

Airbrush Tanning is a Safe Alternative

Switch to airbrush tanning or at-home self-tanners. The technology of airbrush tanning and self-tanners has come a long way! With customized colors, non-streaking formulas and foolproof at home kits you can’t go wrong. Whether you want one application of “I've been at the beach for a week” color or a gradual kissed by the sun look, there’s something out there for everyone…without the damage of those harmful rays!

Repair while you sleep.

Treat your complexion to a correcting night treatment once a week. If you are going to be in the sun, correcting formulas are specifically designed to remove common signs of sun damage, like discoloration and dark patches. Sometimes these contain ingredients that may make you sensitive to sun…be careful to read ingredients before incorporating this into your routine.

Exfoliate Twice A Week In The Summer


Exfoliate twice a week for healthier, more radiant skin. Sweat, salt and sunscreen form a film on the surface of the skin that can be removed with a gentle scrub.

THE Sun Protection Fact

Apply SPF all over your body, even under your clothes. Make applying SPF a part of your everyday body care routine. Applying all over your body - the sun rays are strong and can penetrate through light clothing. Even if you plan on being indoors you can still get sun through car and house windows without even realizing it. All over even means using lip balm with built-in SPF to keep your lips safe from heat, dryness and damage. Your lips are just as sensitive to UV light as the rest of your body.

Hydration = Healthy

Up your regimen’s level of hydration! Try a hydrating mask treatment, use 1-2 times a week. Change up your serum to a hyaluronic acid to bind moisture to the skin. Refresh and hydrate with a revitalizing spritz of toner! TIP: Keep your toner cool in the refrigerator or in your cooler for a refreshing and hydrating at home or on the go! Don’t forget the H20 internally. Higher temperatures and more time outdoors leads to internal dehydration, which can result in headaches and skin dehydration. Eight 8-ounce glasses of filtered water every day help maintain critical moisture balance of the body and skin, and assist in detoxification.

Bounce back from you’re burn.

Sweat It Out For Glowing Skin

So, you did end up rushing into the sun before reading this. I can't say that I blame you completely, after all, you were probably so excited to actually see the sun that you threw all caution to the wind. Soothe over-exposed skin with an after-sun treatment that includes ingredients such as aloe, green tea, arnica or allantoin. A cool yogurt mask will also suffice if you don’t have any of those items on hand.

(Found in THE pearl boutique – Pure Fiji’s Dilo collection will soothe and heal the skin at once.)

Sweat It Out.

Your fitness routine is actually a great part of your beauty ritual. Sweat, your body’s natural response to exercise, is an amazing elixir that regulates your body temperature, releases toxins and loosens debris in your pores. Exercise and sweating also increases your circulation, bringing nutrients that feed your skin and improving your skin’s appearance with a healthy glow!


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