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THE great fall detox: let it be.

Don't let it go, let it be

Looking at the trees this time of year. The golden and orange leaves falling away, letting the dead leaves go, letting the last of the season go, letting go…

Once upon a time I had a yoga teacher casually tell me to “Just let that shit go” – fair enough, OK yes, I’d like to do that.

If you’ve ever tried to “let that shit go” (to be frank) it’s quite the task. The process of letting go sometimes requires a whole lot of energy, digging into the past, working through tough emotions. It’s just not as easy as it so casually seems.

What if we try something different? Try being still for a moment, and just let in everything this moment has to offer. Let in the blue of the sky - or the gray of the sky. Let in the sun - or the rain. Let in the smile of a stranger - or the wrinkles of a beloved.

Instead of thinking all the time, “Let go, let go, let go” – wouldn’t it be nice to focus on letting in. Focus on creating connections, opening our eyes and even our hearts.

Don’t get me wrong, I want us all to let go of the things that clearly don’t serve us but the practice I present is - let in to let go.


Presence to push through the past. Mindfulness to settle back into the now.


I’m going to vow not to waste my energy letting go of the bad shit - and instead, vow to let in as much good shit as possible. To let in the miracle that each moment has to offer is wonderfully healing and nourishing for the mind, body and soul.

A few things that you may want to consider letting go of after doing some letting in - expectations, judgments of yourself and others. Simply accepting life as it presents itself.

This is a tall order.

Striving toward letting go by reminding yourself occasionally that the present is what it is, that everything doesn't have to conform to your particular desires, to live and let live, will contribute to more happiness…for real.

My hope is that the practice of letting in this glorious moment, will crowd out anything that does not belong in my life.

So what practice will you adopt to transition into the Winter so that you can thrive and have new growth in the Spring? What do you need to let in to be prepared for the quieting and settling in of Winter?

If you’d like to learn more about the practice of letting go and letting in attend our workshop on November 18:

holistic detox workshop

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