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An Auspicious Celebration

Are you beginning to feel queasy already - thinking of the champagne induced hangover from last year? Looking in your closet at that scandalous, glitter laden dress you had to have for last year’s big NYE party? Still finding confetti EVERYWHERE…

Tired of the same old New Year’s celebration? Yea, me too.

Although I feel as though nature has always been my guide, for a few years now I’ve been really tuning in and following the flow of the natural world. I thought I’d do something similar for NYE and create a symbolic ritual celebrating the elements of nature, perfect for such an auspicious evening.

A New Year ritual should be a space in which we show our gratitude for the life that we already have, letting free anything that is no longer serving us and steer our lives towards what we desire in the year to come.

Rituals talk to our subconscious, for example; releasing ritual gives us the message that that part of our lives is over. Carl Jung, said that symbols are the language of the soul, that they bypass the logical mind and communicate with us on a deeper level.

So – symbolic ritual it is! Sprinkle in a little spa magic and bam – we’re evolving and manifesting abundance for 2018!


  • Pencil + paper (Or check out our Flying Wish paper, found in THE pearl boutique.)

  • Incense, sage, or Palo Santo

  • Candle or fire (Red Flower wanderlust or icelandic moonflower are magical choices.)

  • Clay mug with water or tea

  • Gem, crystal or stone

  • Mineral salts (Try Kerstin Florian Mineral Wellness Soak or Red Flower organic birch mineral hydrotherapy soaking plunge)

Write on the piece of paper briefly what you intend for the coming new year. Are you looking for love, financial stability, friendship, joy, adventure? Write generally - the Universe will bring what is best for you, so it is best not to focus too much on specifics.

Focus on your breathing, calm your mind and soul, and when you feel relaxed and at peace, you may begin.

We’ll engage the elements one by one.


There Is Magic In The Air

Light incense, ideally sage or Palo Santo for cleansing and healing. Breath in the cleansing scent. Deep and long inhales and exhales.

Say: “I give my thanks for all that I have - with air I cleanse the past to prepare for a prosperous new year”

Let the incense fill the air as you allow any negativity or heavy energy to dissipate. Visualize a bright, warm light around you, growing ever brighter and more colorful with every breath.

Think or say aloud: “Thank you.”


Warm Your Thoughts on New Years Eve

Light a candle or if you’re lucky enough to have a fireplace - create a fire.

As you light the candle, contemplate what you have been through in the past year, and focus on releasing any energy baggage you may be carrying, disintegrating it through the transforming fire; then visualize the fire bringing energy and spark to your future.

Say: “I give my thanks for all that I have with fire I ignite the future to prepare for an abundant new year.”

Leave the candle or fire burning until you have finished the ritual.

“Thank you.”


Honor The Sacredness of Water

Cup your hands around your clay mug, filled with water and sit with it, allowing your energies to merge and blend with those of the water. Fill your heart with gratitude for water, its purifying and life-giving properties.

Raise the mug and say: “I give my thanks for all that I have with water I vitalize the myself and my future to prepare for a new year that flows forward mindfully.”

Drink the water. Pay close attention to the feeling of it in your body, cleansing, reviving, energizing. “Thank you.”


Use Crystals For Your New Years Ritual

Take the piece of paper you wrote your intentions for the new year and wrap it around your stone, gem or crystal, which will assist in manifesting your wishes.

Hold it in your hands and say: “I give my thanks for all that I have - with earth I manifest my wishes to welcome a new year rooted in desires from my authentic self.”

“Thank you.”

Soak Your Way to a Great New Year

Close your NYE ritual by soaking your feet or by immersing your body completely in a mineral rich tub soak.

This soak brings together all the elements of this ritual – the warm steamy, life giving air, the light spreading fire of your candle, the nurturing and revitalizing water and finally the minerals that nourish your body with your intention filled stone or gem nearby to nourish your mind and soul.

While soaking, spend time visualizing your wishes and intentions. Feel the calm + joyous energy fill you. Hold on to that feeling as you close the ritual, thanking the elements for their presence and assistance and move into the new year. Healthy, well + ready.

P.S. This ritual can be performed New Year’s Eve or New Year’s Day…should you still wish to partake in the champagne and glittery dress ritual. ;)

Warm wishes for a happy new year!

Happy New Year!

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