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An Incandescent Summer: Ignite Your Soul

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the element of fire is the spark from which all of life is derived.

Because the power of fire is felt most intensely in Summer, Summer may be the best time for you to concentrate on rebuilding the energy consumed during the Winter and Spring months. Re-kindling that inner fire that we used to stay warm during (all) those cold months is now re-purposed to light our way and illuminate our inner being. To ignite our passion! Summer is about expansion, growth, activity and creativity. It empowers and enlivens and opens possibilities!

This season begins on the longest day of the year, the upcoming summer solstice. The extra hours of sunlight give us the time to nurture our creative energies and be part of the abundance that nature provides. Along with the Fire element, Summertime is associated with our Heart Chakra. Intention is all about tending to the heart and soul. When you’re still and your mind is quiet, what do your heart and soul say…what is their message? What is it you want to manifest this Summer and beyond?

Not sure how to create an intentional Summertime, full of fire and hearts desires? We can help you stoke those embers into an inferno…

Be Here Now

Be delightfully present, inquisitively alive, show up every day. Seek adventures and bask in the thick sunlight of Summer. Let’s invite our lives to ripen. Allow our deepest passions and fascinations to be our guide! The idea of being mindful - being present, being more conscious of life as it happens - may seem contradictory to those who are used to sacrificing living for pursuing their goals, but cultivating presence will help you achieve your goals while enjoying life more at the same time.

Do Your Part

The universe will not live your life for you! Listen, the universe is indeed conspiring on your be-half and it most definitely has your back but you’ve got to take some baby steps. I’m not saying that every day you have to conquer the world but small steps my dear, small steps.

Understand Your Power

Who are you? Understanding you and your intention is a powerful thing. Your thoughts ultimately become your life. You are more powerful than you think. We are remarkable agents of creation. With all that in mind, it’s time you genuinely understand that every choice you make in life sets profound, creative consequences in motion. And that power comes directly from your soul.

Chart Your Course

“We hoist the sails on the ships of our dreams. The universe fills our sails with magical, prevailing winds.” I can’t take credit for that and I forget who said it - but damn it is TRUTH.

Go in the direction of your heart and bring your mind, body and soul with it. Align your beliefs and get on board baby!

Take Action

The work that is yours to do will always be true to you. It wants no one but you and will patiently wait by your side. I think the real work of our lives is to at the very least, try. To take action even when we aren’t sure. Our work is to grow through trial and error. Engage this magic.

And if all else fails, go watch an epic sunset. Witnessing those fiery, Summertime sunsets, will build trust. Trust in there will be another day – hey, it’s at the very least a place to re-charge and begin again.

At times you may need to troubleshoot(no, wait you will probably definitely need to troubleshoot), be truthful with yourself and adjust your sails but darling - DO NOT extinguish those flames.

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