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Cultivating THE extraordinary experience: Seasonal Remedies

March is a softening month, a thaw in the hardness of Winter. Right on the cusp of Spring, just saying the actual word aloud brings an opening into my whole being. Though as I type this, I’m enjoying the snow falling outside my window. Late Winter storms like this are fleeting and I know I won’t see many more. So, I embrace it. Before we know it, crocuses will be sprouting up through the frozen earth, the snow will give way to rain and we’ll be packing away the winter coats – replacing them with spring jackets and umbrellas.

Our spa menu and wellness recommendations follow this path of nature. Our seasonal experiences are created to help guide you through each season. We have carefully curated remedies for whole body, mind and spirit.

These thoughtful experiences create harmony within your entire system. For example, we’ll be moving into our Spring experiences this Friday (I know exciting, right?! Spring! It’s practically here!). During this time our body and spirit need balance. Slowly moving from the quiet, inward energy of Winter into the renewing and vibrant feelings of Spring. These remedies and rituals will assist you in embracing the vitality of the season while harmonizing mind, body, spirit.

Transitioning from Winter to Spring can feel like your coming out of a dark room into the bright light of day. Sometimes you tend to feel overwhelmed, exposed and not quite ready.

That’s where we come in –

THE full bloom harmonizing massage to assist you in re-connecting, nourishing your soul to help the body relax and come back to itself.

THE hydro bloom holistic facial to cleanse and renew, revive dormant cells to bring color and life! Letting that internal glow emerge.

THE lavender fields hand + foot therapy delicately re-energizes us from the tips of our fingers to the tips of our toes to assist in finding the joy once again in pampering our often overused extremities.

THE full spectrum prismatic blue grotto experience finally allows us to release the full spectrum of our inner radiance, explore all those senses that have been hibernating for the Winter.

These mindful treatments are to usher you into your full awareness. Your true colors are magic and beauty – it’s time to BLOOM baby!


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