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THE spa: luxury? or wellness?

Celebrating a special occasion? Celebrate at the spa!

Stressed? De-stress with a massage!

Received your yearly bonus? Schedule some “me time”!

But also…

Insomnia? We have remedies!

Sunburn? We have solutions!

📷​​ 📷

Many people enjoy spa services once a year if they’re lucky. Sure - it’s so great that you’ve recognized that your stressed and in need of a massage. Awesome that you’ve chosen a day at the spa to celebrate your birthday! I applaud you for allocating your bonus to taking care of YOU!

BUT – (yup there’s a but; you knew it was coming) therein lies the misconception…

THE misconception: Thinking of a day at the spa like it’s a luxury and not a self-care necessity.

Providing practical everyday solutions for your wellness is what we do BEST!

While it may not be practical for you to be at the spa every single day of the year - TRUE SELF CARE IS DAILY. We can still assist you with your daily weekly, monthly and seasonal wellness…whatever your timeline for self-care - Let’s do this together!

📷​​ 📷

Below are just a few self-care solutions and practices to enhance your wellbeing.

Concern: Over exposure to the sun, flaking skin

Treatment Solution: Absolute Smooth or Fiji Retreat

Pearlscription: Pure Fiji Dilo collection

Pure Fiji Sugar Rub

dry brushing

Concern: Chronic headache

Treatment Solution: Scalp Experience or Deep Blue Sea Ritual

Pearlscription: The Beauty Chef Hydration

Lord Jones High CBD Tincture

Body Bliss Ocean Dew Collection

headache diary

Concern: Insomnia

Treatment Solution: THE great abyss, Twin Peaks with Cannabliss addition

Pearlscription: Sprayology Sleepease

Lotus Wei Quiet Mind Serum

Muse Meditation Headphones

Concern: Working out, sore muscles

Treatment Solution: South Seas Stretch or Bamboo Fusion

Pearlscription: Mary’s Nutritionals Elite CBD Compound

Sprayology Arnica Power

RAD tools – RAD Roller + Mobility App

(Check out our Bliss Series: RAD tools event on August 14!)

Concern: Not committing to my self-care like I should.

Solution: Pearl Life Membership

Pearlscription: With three different options to choose from, pearl life will easily and affordably help you commit to a healthier and more balanced lifestyle

At the end of the day your self care is important to us and we would love to create a personalized plan for your wellness journey. If that includes a celebratory glass of champagne and a brownie along the way...we're here for it. Everyday at THE pearl is a celebration of YOU.

📷​​ 📷

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