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Wild Abundance

Autumn is an evocative season. More than just a waning golden hour, autumn has its own texture. Everyone wants to be outside picking apples, finding the perfect pumpkin, playing in the leaves - touching and being surrounded by mama nature’s abundance. And just by touching it, our consciousness begins to shift.

I am in love with how this season defines abundance - in Autumn, abundance is not just the procuring of what you need to feel full and happy, abundance is a kind of inward expansiveness, a contentment that just allows you to let go.

like your so full to the brim with life that something needs to be harvested to make room for the next season.

Instead of focusing all our time on the “let go” – wouldn’t it be nice to focus on the “letting in”. Evaluating instead –

What connections did I create throughout this Summer?

How did I open my eyes and heart this past year to create this abundant harvest?

What seeds did I plant that really didn’t blossom?

The lessons that we’ve learned – that is our harvest. The fruits of our labor, so to say. It’s time to learn those lessons and then naturally shed them. (You’re just like a tree!)

let in to let go.

Realize you are so full and content with what you have cultivated that there’s no room to hold onto anything that is stagnant or holding you in the past. Allow abundance to grow like wildflowers all around you.

On a deep, intuitive level, we all know the gist of this season as well as we know our own bones, but sometimes you need a reminder that life is just well…life. Life is abundant with what you have now - no matter what that is. You are alive. That’s what all these “dying” leaves and all this “letting go” mumbo jumbo is about. It’s a lesson…in living…that we are alive. So, let life in.

As for today, (the first official day of Fall) enjoy every gift from mama nature - the ray of low sunlight that still warms you and every rush of golden leaves that surrounds you. Revel in the magic of every day life. Find abundance in the good, the uncomfortable, the different, the familiar. So that you can figure out what sparks your soul. (And what doesn’t)

Try being still for a moment, and just let in everything this moment has to offer. Let in the blue of the sky - or the gray of the sky. Let in the sun - or the rain. Let in the smile of a stranger - or the wrinkles of a beloved.

allow abundance to surround you.

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