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Spring Into Action


Ahhh…Spring…it’s literally a breath of fresh air. Seeds sprout, flowers bloom, the sun warms the earth. Everything seems to be telling you to grow, move forward, take action.

But what if you’re still in hibernation mode? The winter time had us wrapped up and cozy, dreaming about our big plans for the warmer weather. We've read the books, we've made the lists, we've had those “aha moments” and we've even journaled about them. (Where did that journal go anyway?) And now it’s here, ready or not! (This is where the lazy side of me pulls the blankets back over my head and settles in for 6 more weeks of Winter, PLEASE!)

The hardest part is taking action. Whether it’s starting a new project or finally signing up for that yoga membership you've thought so much about, the hardest part is taking that first step. Why is it so hard to get started? Why can we think of every excuse in the book NOT to take action??

Because,frankly, new beginnings are scary. Be it that new project or walking into a new yoga studio, we are naturally intimidated by the unknown. It all stems from that big old word: FAILURE.

When I think back to my winter self, I remember thinking confidently about the life I want to get out there and start living. It all seemed so easy back then wrapped in my blanket of grandiose dreaming, sipping on my latte of self-assurance. Snap back into reality and spring-time me is not about to let that latte go cold. No ma’am! Even if I am slightly afraid of falling flat on my face at my new yoga studio.

Luckily, I've discovered three simple steps that you can start today:

  • Small steps, because hey, any action is good action. Taking small steps in the direction of your goals will feel good. As you tackle these small tasks you will feel accomplished[d6] , plus it keeps you going and feeling positive about your new project

  • Be accountable to others. Talking about your plans or goals to someone else can help to hold you accountable. I have found that even asking one of my friends to hold me accountable has worked well. By sharing my struggle I've discovered a group of people that are having a hard time taking action as well!

  • Don’t wait for perfect conditions. There will never be a perfect time. Ever. Stop putting off your life waiting for just the right timing. I think this could be an entire blog in and of itself!

Remember, as you start to move forward and try out some of the above tips, find what works for you as well. To balance these new activities, make sure to still find space in your day for relaxing downtime and rest. We’d love to hear what is working for you, please share what you have learned!

“Knowledge without action is worthless” -Mastin Kipp

“Whatever follows the ‘I am’, will eventually find you.” Joel Osteen

Find out even more ways to get moving here!

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